A Friends Fan Calculated How Much Money Joey Actually Owes Chandler, and It's a Ridiculous Amount

When you figure rent, food, acting and dance lessons, the amount of debt is in the six digits

By Jenna Mullins Feb 20, 2015 9:02 PMTags
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So there is an episode of Friends in season six where Joey asks Chandler to help him get an audition with his friend who is now a director. Joey begs and says "I would owe you so much," to which Chandler responds:

"You do owe me so much. You owe me three thousand, four hundred…"

Joey cuts him off before we can hear the full amount, but the point of this setup is that if Chandler was about to say that Joey owes him $3,400 some dollars, according to this Friends fan, he is way, way off. 

Someone on reddit posed this question to the Internet, hoping someone bored, looking for a problem to solve or unemployed with some extra time could answer it:

In season 8 episode 22 of Friends, Joey is figuring out how much money he owes Chandler for rent, acting lessons, dance lessons, head shots, etc. After seeing the final number, Joey forgives Chandler for falling asleep during his movie and calls it even. How much did Joey owe Chandler?

Well, reddit user ASmileThatKills did some research and math and came up with an amount. And it's a very large sum of money that Chick owes Duck. Yep, J-Man certainly is in some deep debt with Channy.

Anyway, here is the rundown. Starting with head shots, dancing and voice lessons, three years' worth of rent, utilities and food, this guy puts the amount owed at $108,760.

But it doesn't stop there. He then factors in the time Chandler replaced everything that was stolen in the apartment when he was feeling guilty about dating Kathy. Now we're at $114,260.

Finally—and this is where we disagree with the scenario, he adds Joey's hernia surgery. But Friends fans should remember that Joey was able to get surgery through his SAG insurance so we're not sure if this should be included but for the purpose of this post, we will allow it. He tacked on another $5,000 for the surgery, making the grand total of money that Joey owed Chandler…


That's a big chunk of change. But we're sure Joey's work as a soap opera star on Days of Our Lives could probably handle it. Maybe someone could do the math and figure out how much Joey was making on DooL and how long it would take him to pay Chandler back. We're not going to do it. Math = Satan's work.

But Joey and Chandler = best friends forever!