Holy Crap, Lena Dunham Is Guest-Starring on Scandal!

Girls' creator and star has been a longtime fan of the ABC hit series

By Tierney Bricker Feb 20, 2015 6:56 PMTags
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Lena Dunham, honorary Gladiator?!

The Girls creator and star is set to guest-star on an upcoming episode of Scandal, E! News has confirmed. No, this is not a drill. Yes, this is real life and it's awesome. 

While details are being kept under wraps (Isn't that the Scandal way?!), we do know Dunham's one-time appearance will go down in one of the ABC hit's March episodes. EW.com first reported the news of Dunham's guest appearance.

While some might find it a little weird to see Dunham on ScandalTaylor Swift's BFF has made no secret of her desire to appear on Shonda Rhimes' show.

"Basically, my life's great passion is the idea of being a guest star on Scandal," Dunham said during an interview with Grantland's B.S. Report . "I want to be like, a senator who did something wrong." And while she did say she might be too young to play a senator, she said, "playing a really evil character, it would be really fun." 

Fingers crossed she gets her wish!

And Dunham has been known to push the series on her friends, including Homeland's Claire Danes. "You told me to get on that jam, to get on that Scandal jam because you were visiting when I just had Cyrus," Danes said on the red carpet at the 2013 Emmys. "You were like, ‘You're going to be nursing and you need to watch this amazing show.'"

In case you still aren't convinced of Dunham's Scandal obsession, she also parodied the show when she hosted Saturday Night Live last March, playing a newbie Gladiator at OPA. Any questions? 

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.