8 Things Kanye West Said During His Breakfast Club Interview That We Can Actually Get on Board With

It's not all word vomit

By Seija Rankin Feb 20, 2015 7:16 PMTags
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Kanye West is not exactly known for being reserved. He, ever suffering from foot-in-mouth syndrome, is constantly giving us sound bites to balk at. 

This morning, the rapper/designer/etc. stopped by The Breakfast Club to give us even more material. And yes, there were some WTF moments. Like when he joked about taking 30 showers after dating Amber Rose. Or when he said that pretty inappropriate comment about 25-year-old Tyga "getting in early" with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.

But in between those slightly cringe-worthy moments he actually dropped some totally legit sentiments. Ever the one for grandiosity, he hit on everything from race in America to the class system and unrealistic beauty ideals. Now this is the 'Ye we like to see.

1. On unrealistic beauty ideals: "With our position of power, we're not gonna accept the physique that was told to us was the proper way to look. My daughter has a chance of being shaped like my wife, so between this age and the age where she's like that, I'm gonna be fighting for that shape to be considered the highest of class. Or, not the highest, but at least equal to what someone considers a skinny model."

 2.  On the vision he has for his Yeezy line: "See, I didn't want the Boosts to be limited, that's something that the company did. I want as many people to get them as possible. I don't want the price to be $350, I don't wanna play this sneaker culture game where they be reselling them for high prices. I just want people to have what I make."

3. On fashion's elitism problem: "I think in clothing right now there's a real separatism, like there's a $5,000 sweatshirt and everybody spending that money to try and show up in the club and act like they big. We need to be spending that money on our families...people will try to put on a jacket to act like they're better than you, and I think this idea of being better is the wrong mentality in the first place."

4. On his opinion of class warfare: "I'm gonna tell you a story about class. I was going to London and I was in the first class line and it was real crowded and I looked over at the coach line, for customs, and it was completely empty. We went over to the coach line and got through right away, and everybody who was sitting there with they Hermés belts and they big hats, they didn't wanna lower they class in order to get through faster, when time is the only luxury."

5. On why he's so darn obsessed with Beyoncé: "I think Beyoncé is a great representation of an artist working hard and trying her best and getting the results from it."

6. On America's race problem: "The first thing we gotta do to stop racism is stop focusing on racism. And I understand that there's somebody going to work right now that has a white boss that's talking down to them because they black and I'm not trying to deny that. But I'm saying we understand that people is different races—saying white-skinned versus dark-skinned, It just slows down the conversation."

7. On why he's trying to be calmer: "You just need to understand how to not get angry. In a boxing match if you get angry, you lost. This is a match of life, a match of culture, and if I'm angry all the time I've already lost. So, I just gotta not be angry. I have enough to be happy about to focus on that."

8. On why he thinks he should work with Disney: "I'm a family man. Thank you for Frozen, that's like a second nanny!"