On his KIIS-FM morning show, Ryan Seacrest gave Gary Busey a chance to defend the bizarro red carpet assault that left our E! News host, Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney speechless last night.

And what did Gary have to say for himself? Um, we're not sure. This is why he was so excited to see Ryan, so take from it what you will:

Well, what I wanted to do was when I first saw you working, I said, "Who is this guy?" And I said, "Oh God, this isn't going to work." And then you captured me. You are to me, when you're working, an innocent champion of honesty. Your heart has a way to embrace the truth in your delivery without looking like you are reading a script. Everything looks spontaneous. What spontaneity is—spontaneity comes from an invisible idea that is there before the creation began. And you have that naturally, so I just wanted to pay you a compliment. But I didn't know you were in the middle of an interview, I was just moving through there.

See, it doesn't exactly make sense, but we love the idea of Ryan being "an innocent champion of honesty." Ah, so that's how he got up the nerve to ask Jessica Alba if she would be breastfeeding. (Props! We're not sure we could have pulled that one off.)

When Ellen K, Ryan's morning show cohost, jumped in to ask questions, Gary would get even more confused. After he finally realized he was live on the radio, the Buse made an extra effort to remind the audience "to pay attention to the light."

That's not all the advice Busey had to offer. Here are some of his other rambling nuggets of wisdom:


  • "The truth requires no questions."
  • "The word fan is an obsolete word to me. It means two thing: fantastic or fanatic. Or something that hangs on a ceiling or sits on a table and blows wind in your face."
  • "And I know you must remember to chase and catch your dreams. If you don't, your imagination will live in empty spaces, and that is nowhere land."
  • "Who's going to win American Idol? Oh, that's right. You're [Ryan] really good there with that Mr. Simon."
  • "When you commit to making to film, you must commit 150 percent—with no distractions, no substance abuse. Always start every conversation with a compliment, consider other people's feelings first before you consider yours, because you're working with a family and a team on a set."

It's all bizarre and nonsensical, but it makes sense in some strange way on a whole other level. Thanks for keeping the red carpet wacky, Gary. We're definitely paying attention to the light now.


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