Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers

Lester Cohen/

We figured out why we should care about the Jonas Brothers a long time ago: their adorable curly hair, their songs about text messaging gone awry, their tight jeans, their silly ties and so on.

For those less fortunate and not aware, Details magazine attempts to explain the phenomenon in its article "The Total Awesomeness of Being the Jonas Brothers." Unfortunately, the piece starts off in cringe-worthy fashion, portraying the sibs not exactly as awesome as we know they are. 

The brothers wear purity rings as a promise "to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage." And they believe it "is just one of our ways of kind of like being different than everybody else out there."

Oh, boys. Oh, poor, perfectly coiffed boys. Why did you do this? So many teen stars before you have made this same statement, and they inevitably let us down each time. Maybe you guys should pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

We're all for teen stars being role models, but this should be done through actions, not statements to magazines that bloggers are just waiting to jump on at the slightest misstep.

Just so no one forgets why the Jonas Brothers are awesome, here's "S.O.S." for your fawning pleasure...

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