OMG! Scandal Just Delivered The Greatest Surprise Return Ever!

Whoa. We did not see that coming!

By Lauren Piester Feb 20, 2015 4:13 AMTags
Kerry Washington, Henry Ian Cusick, ScandalABC/Adam Taylor

Holy. Crap.

We could never in a million years have predicted who would come out of the woodwork to save Olivia Pope. We are flabbergasted, and very impressed.

At the end of last week, we believed that Olivia was being handed over to Iran, but Liv herself botched that deal by breaking out some Farsi in the first moments of the episode.

So, the auction was back on, and things got crazy. While Cyrus was working on a plan to kill Olivia, believing that was the White House's only option, there was a bidding war going on between OPA, operating as Marie Wallace, and the Russians. Both put $2 billion on the table, and Olivia's kidnappers asked for her opinion. She said Marie Wallace, so they obviously went with Russia.

Fortunately for many reasons, Olivia's new Russian "owner" was none other than…Stephen Finch (Henry Ian Cusick)! 

Stephen left OPA at the end of season one, back when the show was barely a glimmer of the insane political thriller that it is now, and we haven't seen him since. Apparently, Abby managed to track him down and discovered that he was working in Russia. You go Abby!

ABC/Adam Taylor

Olivia tried to get Stephen to come back to Washington with her, but he claimed he was happy where he is. He did, however, thank Olivia for giving him the chance to return the favor of saving his life. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Quinn and Jake worked hard to keep Huck and his murderous tendencies under control, and Mellie, after several amazing and classic Mellie speeches, enlisted Lizzie Bear to get rid of the truly disgusting Andrew. Lizzie immediately made the right choice by heading to OPA and getting some help from Huck, who was then able to put his skills to productive use, by tying Andrew up and filling him with drugs to cause a stroke.

Then, it was the reunion a lot of people have been waiting for: the one between Olivia and Fitz. He showed up at her apartment after she had been brought home safely though shaken, and she basically gave him one of the greatest speeches of her career while chastising him for going to war for her after all she had done for his presidency. "You didn't save me," she told him, "I'm on my own." And she kicked him out, much to the great joy of those of us who find Fitz to be despicable. 

But anyway, Stephen came back! We still can't get over it.

This show never fails to amaze us. Bravo, Scandal. Bravo.