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Here at E! News, we're like family. Ryan Seacrest is the smart, reserved uncle. Terrence J is the cool cousin. And Catt Sadler? We know her as our funny, in-the-know sister with an envy-worthy wardrobe.

Not only can you watch the TV veteran on the daily, but now as an E! Style Collective member, her approachable personality, positive life outlook and killer style serves as a major resource for us all.

We recently flipped the script on the red carpet pro and asked her about life—in front of and beyond the cameras.

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What was the first sign that this career path was your destiny?
As a young girl I was obsessed with performing. I would direct my friends and I in skits, fake commercials and music videos often holding the video camera but also in front of the lens, starring in my own creative concoction. (We mostly did beauty commercials selling hairspray, nail polish and sun tan oil. If only I could find those VHS tapes now…) I also had an insatiable appetite for interviewing people. I would never stop asking questions, and my mother always told me I often talked too much and too fast. So at an early age I had a gift for gab, but I also had creative visions that I liked to bring to life through video.

Who was your first inspiration?
My mother. As I was growing up, I remember her being stone cold gorgeous and raising three children while working full-time. She had a small closet, but filled with beautiful, unique things. I can recall playing in her makeup, slipping on her too-large-for-me high heels and hiding underneath her long flowy skirts as a shy little girl. She was remarkable, larger than life and exceptionally unique in her balance between vulnerability and fearlessness. She is still my hero today as she encapsulates beauty on the inside as well as the outside.

What was your biggest obstacle in your way toward fulfilling your dream?
My biggest obstacle was geography. I was a little girl from a small town in Indiana. I always had an itch that I knew could not be scratched from there. It took engineering my life for the "escape" that would eventually take me to Hollywood.

What's the best piece of advice you ever got?
Take off the velvet handcuffs. We are sometimes the very thing holding ourselves back. Erase the boundaries that you believe exist in your mind that keep you from greatness. Allow yourself to summon your wildest destiny by deciding to eliminate the fear. 

If you could give the you who was just starting out any advice, what would it be?
In the words of Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, "You always had the power." You HAVE the power. It has been and always will be within.

Thirty years down the road, where do you see yourself?
Writing books and taking pictures in the South of France with my husband, Rhys, riding horses bareback on our farm, sipping the best red wines, listening to music and visiting with my kids and grandkids often—while still looking fabulous, naturally. [Laughs]

What is your guilty pleasure?
Drinking jalepeño margaritas, stamping my passport frequently and online shopping/splurging.

If you could watch one TV show for a year, what would it be?
Game of Thrones.

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How are you so comfortable in front of the cameras?
I'm not always, truthfully. But it is my goal to appear so! I've been in front of the camera five days a week for almost 20 years. I still get butterflies and still question if I'm doing a good job. I focus on feeling good on the inside before the cameras are rolling. Truly, I practice affirmations (#cattfirmations) to this day that remind me I belong here and deserve the success that I have achieved. I also remind myself that my smile, my connection with the viewer, holds a certain power. My reward is knowing that I can lift someone's spirits or inspire someone by entertaining and exuding love through that lens.

Who or what is inspiring you as a woman and TV host right now?
I'm inspired by the youngest generation of YouTubers and millennials. I think it is vital to stay relevant and to do that, I believe I have to be invested in our younger generation. They have such provocative thoughtful ideas on this new digital age and how "TV" is evolving. I find it fascinating and want to keep up of course! I will also forever be inspired by the OGs of broadcasting like Oprah, who continues to dominate television but also serves with a philanthropic mind.

Who would you love to work with?
JLo. Beyoncé. Meryl Streep. But I'm not sure when they'll be grabbing an E! mic anytime soon. I think Andy Cohen is fabulous. Sarah Silverman is hilarious. Ellen is simply the best. Yeah, I'd like to co-host something with Ellen.

What is the biggest misconception about what you do?
That anyone can do it. Give a reality show star a show to host. Give a model a show to host. Give a footballer's wife a show. Not to assume those folks aren't talented or don't have abilities in this realm, but drop them into a world of LIVE television (à la Live From the Red Carpet) while simultaneously reading prompter and conducting interviews, while a producer is talking to you in your ear all at the same time is an art. I'm not saying I've mastered it, but people sitting at home on their couch are understandably unaware of just how much skill is required for the job.

What do you feel is your style signature?
Relaxed yet sophisticated. Less is more.

What was your biggest beauty mistake growing up?
Ugh, perming my hair at 13. It's never recovered. It went from long, shiny, straight natural hair to poodle fro in an hour's time.

What song do you jam out to when doing your own makeup?
Currently, B.o.B.'s "Not for Long."

What is one style/beauty trend you wish would make a comeback?
Stirrup pants. Just kidding. Really no trend, specifically—that's what's so fun about fashion. It all eventually comes back around. I'm loving the ‘70s- influenced vibe right now. I've never stopped wearing the high-waisted, wide-legged denim.

What's an embarrassing tidbit about yourself?
Sometimes after one too many cocktails I post the absolute worst and most embarrassing Instagram snaps. Even my followers have called me out on this. Nothing worse than waking up and deleting it the next day.

If you're stranded on an island, what are three things you would take with you?
My handsome husband and two beautiful children. We'll figure it out.

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