Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg

Robin Marchant/Getty Images for SiriusXM

If you don't already know, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are madly in love.

Whether she's praising her man's "most beautiful" penis or he's getting grabby with his blond beauty, the pair has always been open and honest about their affection for one another.

So it should come as no surprise that the couple admitted to having a really hard time being away from each other. Like, really hard.

"We're actually hurting inside because we're going to be away from each other for seven hours," Jenny revealed to E! News while hosting "Singled Out…Again" from the Gansevoort Park Hotel. "It's true."

Donnie Wahlberg, who also hosted the event heard on SiriusXM's Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy, couldn't help but agree.

"That may be the longest we've been apart since we've been together," he admitted. "I can't even let her go to the bathroom without me. It's very bizarre and awesome."

While co-hosting the Valentine's themed show, the couple had one very important mission: Find a great date for the last New Kids On The Block bachelor.

"We're hoping to find Danny Wood a reasonable date because he's very fussy," Donnie joked. "But if we found a special someone, that would be great too."

Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg

E! Online

But even though the boy band member has yet to get hitched, Jenny knows that he still has plenty of time.

"Relax, don't worry about finding the one so quickly," she explained. "It's going to take a little while but you will single out the love of your life twenty years from now."

Oh, and did we mention she kissed her man on the lips right after that sentence. Happy Valentine's Day, indeed! 

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