WWK, Parks and Recreation


So who wants The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show to be greenlit on Comedy Central and/or Adult Swim immediately?

As if we weren't already crazy upset that Parks and Rec is ending in a week (!!!!!), tonight's episodes absolutely sealed our devastation, because they were positively perfect.

We started with the final episode of The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, featuring the case of Johnny Karate's missing guitar, plus a missing tarantula, and also a recap of Andy Dwyer's life ever since he fell in that pit and broke both of his legs, hosted by Leslie Knope and April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer, complete with commercials for things like Paunch Burger and Verizon Chipotle Exxon.

It was weird, brilliant, and amazing as anything we've ever seen, but it barely prepared us for what was about to happen on the next episode.

Parks and Rec finally, finally reached its crowning achievement: Bill Murray played the mayor. Unfortunately, we only met the mayor because he had just died, so Bill Murray played a dead guy in a casket and provided a video message about how Mayor Gunderson hadn't actually done much or paid very close attention to anything happening in Pawnee, but it was Bill Murray all the same, and it was perfect. 

WWK, Parks and Recreation


Elsewhere in the episode, Ron's barber died, Leslie worked to help Tom propose to Lucy (she said yes!!!) and Ben had the task of finding the new interim mayor until the next election could be held.

He first hosted some auditions – Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) showed up, along with Joan Callamezzo and all of the Sapersteins – but it soon became clear that Ben himself was the only choice, until Ben decided he didn't want anything to tarnish the glory of his Icetown failure. No, there was only one man for the job of Pawnee's interim mayor, and his name is currently Gary Gergich.

Gary/Jerry/Larry was sworn in after being carried on a throne over a red carpet to the sounds of a choir and escorted into a hot air balloon, surrounded by fireworks. Nothing has ever made us happier, to be totally honest with you. We still haven't stopped glowing.

This show is never allowed to end. We will protest! We will handcuff ourselves to all of the radiators! Or at the very least, we will cry very, very hard. 

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