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UPDATE: See statement issued by Shock Pop below

It may be a new year but Nicholas Brendon is still looking for his fresh start.

In town for Shock Pop Comiccon, the Criminal Minds actor was arrested on suspicion of grand theft Monday after, according to police, he drunkenly trashed his hotel room in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and then skipped out on his bill. Per the police report obtained by TMZ, he did $450 worth of damage and racked up a $380 tab for food and beverages.

And Brendon—who had tweeted about being stuck in Ft. Lauderdale "w/no per diem. No hotel. No ride to the airport. Thanks @Shockpopcc"—is very sorry.

"Nicholas is, unfortunately, battling a disease that many of us don't understand," a rep for the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star told TMZ. "We are working with him to improve upon the situation at hand and look toward the future. He's sorry for his actions and takes what happened last night very seriously. We will take great care to ensure his safety in the future."

In a separate statement to E! News, the rep added: 

"While attending Shock Pop Comicon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Nicholas was placed into a deplorable situation involving his professional arrangements and chose to react in an adverse manner. This reaction led to his arrest on Monday. 

"We are aware that Nicholas' actions are of a much deeper origin—and we are working toward creating a healthy environment for him to thrive in. The past several months have been trying, and Nicholas' disease is damaging and consistently misunderstood. We are doing everything in our power at Camp Nick to assure his recovery."

The convention at least seemed to be going OK, with Brendan tweeting pics and retweeting fans over the weekend.

Brendon checked into rehab last October after he admitted to being under the influence of prescription meds and alcohol when he was arrested in Boise, Idaho, for allegedly damaging property and resisting arrest.

Also this evening, Bloody Bombshell Entertainment spokeswoman Andrea Albin posted on Brendon's Facebook: "We're aware of the arrest. We appreciate the love. We want nothing more than for Nick to focus on his health and personal well being at this time. Please note that discussion is welcome, but I cannot promote negativity in any form. Trolls are NOT welcome. Everyone makes mistakes- and we hope to help him succeed at life in every possible way."

Just days ago, the 43-year-old actor also announced on Facebook, via Albin, that he and wife Moonda Tee were splitting up after just four months of marriage.

UPDATE: In response to Brendon's rep partially blaming his "deporable situation" at Shockpop for his outburst, convention organizers said in a statement: 

"Shock Pop Comiccon would like to set the record straight regarding false allegations from Nicholas's management regarding Nicholas's arrangements with Shock Pop. On Sunday, we were notified by the airlines that due to Winter Storm Octavia, that a large amount of our flights were cancelled. One of the managers of the convention arranged alternate flights and transportation so the guests could still leave on Sunday. Nicholas refused to take the shuttle and go on the flight. We were notified by his representative, and agreed to provide him an additional night at the hotel, and re-booked his flight at our expense for Monday. Nicholas then refused to take his shuttle to the airport, and go on the flight on Monday. One of the show representatives offered to take him to the airport, and he refused to allow us to send someone down to pick him up. At that time, Nicholas's management contacted us and we advised them he was unwilling to leave Fort Lauderdale.

"At no time did we ever place Nicholas, or any other show guest under deplorable conditions.Throughout the weekend, Facebook and Twitter posts were positive regarding Nicholas and his experience at our show, and the only statements made by his management on Nicholas's Facebook page after the event concluded were overwhelmingly positive.

"Our primary concern at this time is Nicholas's health, but we want all of his fans to know, that contrary to what his management has stated, we did not contribute to the  situation, and we exhausted every option we had to try and  prevent it."

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