Starbucks and Taylor Swift Know You Got That "Blank Space" Lyric Wrong

No more lonely Starbucks lovers

By Seija Rankin Feb 18, 2015 12:28 AMTags
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Who knew Starbucks had such a sense of humor? Today, we're giving them props for a well-timed joke.

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift decided to poke fun at her now-famous fake Starbucks lyric from "Blank Space." You know the one. It's supposed to be "Got a long list of ex-lovers," but all of humanity hears it (and sings it) as "All the lonely Starbucks lovers." Sure, the idea of Taylor Swift having a host of coffee shop boyfriends is a little weird, but it's not totally past the point of believability. Plus, it totally sounds like she says Starbucks!

But, we digress. Taylor's joke went a little something like this: On Valentine's Day, she gave a shoutout that winked at the "Blank Space" mix-up. "Sending my love to all the lonely Starbucks lovers out there this Valentine's Day," she tweeted. "Even though that is not the correct lyric."

And, not wanting to be left out of the joke, Starbucks responded:

Same, Starbucks. Same.