Whoever said that winning isn't everything presumably never caught a film with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.

In the latest promo for the upcoming 2015 MTV Movie Awards, to be hosted by Schumer on April 12, the actor-comedians are leaving a movie theater, both in deep awe over the poignancy of whatever they just saw as Amy predicts nothing but across-the-board award show glory.

"Hey, winning isn't everything," Hader reminds her—but she's not buying it!

Sure enough, because winning is actually so everything, they proceed to positively destroy the theater lobby, each one trying to prove who can win more when it comes to breaking stuff.

Bill Hader, MTV, Movie Awards


There goes Amy, tipping over the arcade games!

Watch out, guy behind the candy counter, Bill is coming for your Milk Duds!

"But it seems like it would be fun to win something, you know," Amy insists as Bill casually hurls one last theatergoer to the ground.

Best Fight Scene? Naturally.

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