Taylor Swift, Sarah Palin

Chris Haston/NBC

When Taylor Swift throws shade, you know it.

Yet, the Internet had a field day when the "Shake It Off" singer was seated next to Sarah Palin Sunday during the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show. But, despite multiple accusations of eye rolling and/or serious side eye directed at the former vice presidential hopeful, Taylor didn't cast any devious glances in studio 8H.

If you look at a wider audience shot, you'll see that Taylor (and almost every other individual seated in the area surrounding her) was looking up at the monitors showing what viewers at home saw of Dakota Johnson's bit. On the opposite side of Taylor, Steven Spielberg could be seen looking at the same monitor. Interestingly enough, people chose to create a fictitious feud between Taylor and the former Alaskan governor but did not create any imaginary beef between the singer and Mr. Spielberg.

Dakota Johnson

Chris Haston/NBC

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, sure, but do they have to be sexist, too? Shake it off, y'all, there's no bad blood here! That said, seating Taylor next to Sarah had the potential to be slightly awkward—if only for the fact that they don't appear to have a lot in common...

Taylor tends to shy away from polarizing topics like politics and religion. Sarah, as we all know very well, does not. And while Taylor is the ultimate cat lover (she even made a Valentine for her kitten, Olivia Benson), rumor has it that Sarah is no fan of felines.

Before you rule out the possibility of Sarah joining the ranks of Taylor's famous BFFs, keep in mind that there are some similarities between these gals. Both ladies like to dance, and both were reluctant to tie themselves to the "feminist" label before ultimately embracing it (to some degree, at least). Plus, Mama Grizzly's apparently a fan. Earlier this year, she even quoted a T.Swift lyric while defending a controversial photo of her son standing on the family dog's back.

And last, but certainly not least, both ladies can laugh at themselves. Need proof? Find out what Sarah has to say about Tina Fey's impersonations of her in the video above!

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