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Do you have Fifty Shades of Grey fatigue yet? Too bad. For better or worse, our collective consciousness is going to be fixated on this phenomenon for quite some time. 

Currently, reactions to this weekend's big (and by big, we mean a straight-up record-breaking $82 million) opening (pun...intended?) are rolling in. And, predictably, they're pretty mixed. Some people wanted more sex. Some people wanted more nudity. Some people wanted Jamie Dornan to show even an ounce of interest in actually playing the part of Christian Grey. And, a lot of people just got really drunk and had a good laugh.

For this writer's part, I was actually a very, very small amount of pleasantly surprised. As someone who read exactly 1.5 pages of the first book (at the beach, no less) and then promptly tossed it into the Pacific Ocean in hopes that it would float far, far away and never live to torment another person with its pithy dialogue ever again, the movie was actually a pretty good time. Maybe it was the casual bottle of pinot grigio downed before the Friday night show, or maybe it was just the charm of Dakota Johnson's slightly more intelligent and slightly more outspoken version of Ana, but me and my wine buzz actually didn't have the worst time watching a live sex show with a few hundred strangers. 

But, it seems that the Twitterverse's feelings are a little more complex than mine. Some people were very, very much not fans:

Some people had mixed feelings: 

And others were clearly just as drunk as I was:

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