So much for romance!

Two days after Benedict Cumberbatch tied the knot, the Imitation Game actor taped an episode of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. "I have to say, thanks for coming. I'm so impressed because people cancel on us for bad reasons sometimes. It's like, 'Oh, I was out too late the night before,'" Jimmy Kimmel, 47, told the actor, 38. "But you got married in England on Saturday and here you are!"

"I felt bad about you not coming," he joked, "so I thought I'd bring you in on the honeymoon."

Did he make sure the missus was cool with making Kimmel their third wheel?!

"I have to say, I feel guilty. I appreciate you honoring your commitment. I thought maybe I could make it a little bit more like a vacation for you while you're here. First of all, let's switch the background if we could," the late-night host said as a Hawaiian scenery appeared onscreen. "Maybe we can have some music there. And then I got us a couple of piña coladas. You don't have to drink 'em, but cheers to you!"

"It's our honeymoon!" Cumberbatch said.

"And then later we'll make love," Kimmel joked. He then took a few sips of "the worst piña colada ever. Cumberbatch agreed that it tasted terrible. "There's absolutely no alcohol in that whatsoever," he said.

Kimmel presented the newlywed with a few gifts from his wedding registry, including whisk sets, a loaf pan, a pepper grinder, an oven mitt and an avocado slicer. He also asked about Sophie Hunter's "little cummerbund in the oven." The Sherlock star acknowledged that they have "one on the way" and asked for name ideas. "As long as it starts with a Q, then the kid can be Q. Cumberbatch," Kimmel suggested.

"Yeah, that's good. That's good," Cumberbatch said.

After a pause, he added, "No. It's too soon. It's just too soon."

Hopefully Hunter's ideas will be taken more seriously than Kimmel's.

The TV personality also asked Cumberbatch about his Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Cumberbatch was driving to work to film Sherlock's Christmas special when his friend called him up. After learning that he was nominated along with Foxcatcher's Steve Carell, American Sniper's Bradley Cooper, Birdman's Michael Keaton and The Theory of Everything's Eddie Redmayne, he hung up and called his actor parents. "That was the most amazing feeling in the world. I don't think it's going to get better than that," Cumberbatch recalled. "I don't think it ever will anyway, as far as that moment goes."

"To talk to them as two actors, and their only child being nominated for an Oscar, that was a wonderful moment. It was incredible," he joked. Cumberbatch's parents weren't jealous of his success, either. "The wonderful thing about them is's a difficult profession, even when there's a generational divide and your blood is involved. It is such a weird headspace to be in," he said. "There is nothing but positive energy with them. They have given me so much unconditional love in my life and that was just another note of it. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing to share. They were just bursting with pride and happiness."

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