Ashton Kutcher Talks Sex With Mila Kunis, Gushes Over ''Beautiful'' Baby Wyatt and Reads Emails from Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper

"I get to have sex with her," he said of his bride-to-be

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Kudos, Ashton Kutcher

The actor, investor and entrepreneur spoke at the Lenovo Tech My Way conference in Sydney, Australia on Friday (Kutcher serves as the company's product manager), where he bragged about fiancée Mila Kunis, gushed over baby Wyatt and even read emails from his famous friends, including Taylor Swift and Bradley Cooper

"I really struggled with what I was gonna talk about today," the 37-year-old Two and a Half Men star told the audience at the opening of his speech. "I don't take these opportunities lightly. To be able to stand up in front of people and talk and share how you feel about things is a privilege and an honor and I appreciate you listening." 

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During his talk, Kutcher repeatedly asked, "What is a great question?" using his personal life to illustrate his point that there is such a thing as a "dumb question." 

"Last week, I was walking with Mila...Kunis, who's my fiancée," the actor said. "I get to have sex with her. It's amazing!" he added with beaming smile before signaling "shhh" to the crowd. 

"We were walking and I had baby Wyatt strapped to me," he said of the couple's 5-month-old daughter. "She's beautiful. This kid, I'm freaking out. It's new. Never gets old." 

He goes on to talk about Kunis' role in her latest film Jupiter Ascending before bragging about his sex rights once again. 

"She plays the Queen of Humanity," Kutcher said of his 31-year-old bride-to-be. "I have sex with the Queen of Humanity!"

Kutcher proceeds to share his frustrations with the audience over his fiancée's recent press junket, noting how there were no thoughtful questions asked with the main inquiry being, 'What dress are you wearing.'" 

"Granted, I prize her as the most valuable person in the world to me. But you had a chance to sit with Mila Kunis and that's what you asked her?" he said in disbelief. "'What dress are you wearing?'" 

(Side note: a baby started crying during his speech at which point he immediately stopped and said, "It's OK, baby; it's OK, baby. Sorry, I'm like 'I want to go home.'" Aww!)

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"There are dumb questions," Kutcher continued, noting how we can often answer our own inquiries with a simple Google search. "There are questions that waste your time and my time and everybody else's time." 

Kutcher goes to share his favorite question to ask before casually name dropping Taylor Swift in his speech (who knew they were friends?!). 

"I like to ask this one question and that is, 'What's the best advice that you've ever received to get you to where you are?'...I decided to reach out to some guys you may know." 

Mila's answer? "Don't let your ego get in the way of asking for help." 

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As for Swift's response? "Keep your hopes high and your expectations low. You're not entitled to anything, but there's nothing you can't earn. And most importantly, enthusiasm can protect you from absolutely anything." 

And last, but not least, Bradley Cooper's?

"You know often I thought about this old cartoon commercial when I was a kid that sent a message to 'be yourself' and just how vital that is to growth. And when I finalized realized that notion some 30 years after watching those commercials in between Saturday cartoons, I found a true difference in my daily life. Knowing that we all have ourselves and all we have is ourselves, our uniqueness, that is what we can use to cultivate in order to create." 

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