Charlie Hunnam Talks Marijuana, His Naked Mom and His Wonderful Smelling Cat George

Sons of Anarchy star also reveals why he's "very comfortable with taking my clothes off for the camera"

By Rebecca Macatee Feb 12, 2015 6:04 PMTags
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Charlie Hunnam is quite a character!

The 34-year-old Sons of Anarchy star had a very candid conversation with Canada's The Kit about a healthy variety of topics—like nudity, different smells and his beloved cat—oh my!

Let's backtrack a moment, though. As you surely recall, Hunnam pulled out of his role as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey back in 2013. This decision had nothing to do with the revealing nature of the flick, though. In fact, Hunnam said he's "very comfortable with taking my clothes off for the camera," noting that onscreen nakedness "never really bothers me."

Reason being? "I think I grew up in an environment where we weren't particularly shy of nudity. My mum was always walking around in the house naked and I spent a bunch of time with my aunt growing up—she was sort of like my second mum—she was walking around the house naked, too."

Well, Hunnam's comfortableness with being in the buff probably helped him land a modeling gig as the face of Calvin Klein Reveal. That, he said, is his favorite scent, followed closely by what he described as "Eau de Marijuana."

"I don't want to be misunderstood--I don't smoke marijuana personally," he told The Kit. "I just occasionally walk through a cloud of it, which is common in Los Angeles, and the smell sticks to one's clothing."

Another scent Hunnam likes? "This might sound completely weird, but my favourite smell in the world is my cat, George," he said. "My cat smells so f–king good. If he's been curled up in a ball for a while and asleep—his little chest just smells so good."

Who wants to bet Hunnam's big chest smells pretty nice, too?!