Sergei Polunin's Ballet Routine to Hozier's ''Take Me to Church'' Is Too Beautiful to Miss: Watch Now!

You have to check out this crazy-beautiful viral video

By Brett Malec Feb 11, 2015 11:11 PMTags

Everyone's favorite viral video of the moment has us screaming, "Take me to the ballet!"

Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin stars in a new dance video set to Hozier's hit song "Take Me to Church."

The crazy-beautiful clip, which was directed by David LaChapelle, features Polunin showing off his insane talents inside an abandoned church-like structure in the woods. The video starts with a shirtless Polunin kneeling on the ground. The 25-year-old writhes around on the floor before jumping up into the air.

When Hozier's haunting chorus erupts, the crazy-strong ballet star effortlessly leaps around the room. He twirls from one corner to the other while jumping into the air at unbelievable heights. 

The emotional and breathtaking performance culminates with Polunin busting out a series of impressive moves that will surely leave your jaw on the floor.

Check out Polunin's ballet routine for yourself. Trust us, it's too beautiful to miss!