Flying with a baby is probably one of the most daunting adventures for a parent, but Anna Faris had to learn that the hard way when she brought her 2-year-old son, Jack, with her on an 11-hour flight to London to visit dad Chris Pratt!

While the Parks and Recreation star was filming Guardians of the Galaxy in London, Faris toted along her adorable son, whom she said normally does very well on flights. But on the way back, little Jack decided to start "vocalizing."

"Not screaming, not crying, just being adorable, I thought," Faris told Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday. "But I'm also sweating because you know everyone is hating me around me."

The Mom actress revealed that out of nowhere she hears a loud "SHHH," only to realize that it's Mickey Rourke! Just imagine a former boxer and Hollywood legend telling your child to shush...probably pretty terrifying.

"I was already so nervous before knowing that everyone hated me, and then sort of to have sort of Mickey Rourke confirm that didn't feel great," she added. "I got shushed by Mickey Rourke!"

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Faris said she was reluctant to tell the story out of fear of running into him again, but then realized that he probably wouldn't cast her for any upcoming projects. When Kimmel asked whether or not he might have been kidding, the Just Friends actress revealed he started grumbling mean words such as, "'You better shut that baby up.'"


When she returned to the set of Mom, she told one of the female writers the story and learned that Rourke had also shushed her and her child!

"He likes to shush babies!" Faris declared of Rourke's impatient habit.

Kimmel noted that the Expendables actor often carries his "yapping" Chihuahuas around "everywhere he goes," so he shouldn't be shushing other people's kids.

"How dare he shush a human baby!" Kimmel said.

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