Christina Aguilera Gushes About Her "Gorgeous" Daughter, Asks Adam Levine When He's Going to Have a Baby

Voice coach says Summer Rain is "so peaceful and awesome"

By Zach Johnson Feb 10, 2015 8:07 PMTags
Watch: Christina Aguilera Gushes Over Baby Summer

Welcome back to The Voice, Christina Aguilera!

The six-time Grammy Award winner has been in full-time mommy mode since giving birth to daughter Summer Rain five months ago, and on Monday, a beaming Christina couldn't help but gush about her mini-me. "She's just gorgeous. She's so beautiful and she's so peaceful and awesome and just a gem. She really is," she told E! News on during a press junket for The Voice in Universal City, Calif. "Just loves life!"

Christina also has a son, Max, with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

"Girls are a little more sensitive," she admitted. "I can tell even in her cry. It just takes a little bit longer whenever she gets worked up and upset about something, if she's hungry or whatever, to calm down."

You have to watch Christina mimic her cries—too cute!

"She does that little like, 'OK, if I have to calm down now,'" the "Not Myself Tonight" singer explained. "It's so cute, though! There's a difference between boys and girls—to me, anyway. Boys are a little more tough, like [they] shake it off a little bit better. But it makes me want to just protect her so much more."

"Its just like, 'Oh, my God, world! Don't corrupt her!'"


Max "loves being a big brother," Christina told E's Jesse Giddings. "I have no complaints. Beyond my expectations. He's like an old grandma coming in the room. He's 7 and he was just so engaged with her."

"He's 7?" Adam Levine asked. "I feel like he was like 3 when I started, or 4."

"That's how long we've been doing The Voice," the Maroon 5 frontman joked.

"When are you going to have a baby?" Aguilera asked her colleague. "Hello!"

"Oh, dude. Soon," said Levine, who married supermodel Behati Prinsloo on July 19, 2014.

Taking over for Jesse, Christina asked, "Adam, when is it going to happen for you?"

"I don't know Christina. We're looking at the next year," Adam joked. "We have some time."

"Next spring!" she suggested.

NBC's The Voice returns for its eighth season Feb. 23.

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