Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, The Mindy Project

Beth Dubber/FOX

Mindy Kaling's television pregnancy will not be all rainbows and unicorns.

It was in last week's episode that Mindy Lahiri finds out that she is pregnant with boyfriend Danny Castellano's baby.

"I think for an OB/GYN to get accidently pregnant seemed very funny and to get accidently pregnant by another OB/GYN seemed really funny," Kaling told me Saturday at Savannah College of Art and Design's aTVfest television festival in Atlanta. "She's a good physician but she's incredibly irresponsible in her own life so this seemed to be keeping with her character."

She was recently fitted for a fake pregnancy suit. "I was complaining about it and I'm not even really pregnant," Kaling said. "And that's how I think Mindy the character would be like. She's just not going to do pregnancy in a very graceful way."

Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, The Mindy Project

Beth Dubber/FOX

Laverne Cox guest stars later in the season as a cousin who helps the mom-to-be with her growing baby bump.

"Mindy loves clothes and she loves fashion, but she's not really prepared for the pregnancy and the transformation she has to go through," Kaling said. "Laverne Cox comes in as a stylist who has some very tough love and has some very funny things to say about Mindy's confidence."

Baby names are already being considered.

"She's probably going to name the baby after a hot guy like Eddie Redmayne—Eddie Redmayne Lahiri," said Kaling's co-star Ike Barinholtz.

Mindy Project Fashion

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Kaling agreed, "That's definitely what the character would want to do, name the baby after someone like that."

"Tom Hardy Lahiri!" Barinholtz said.

"Or how about Pierce Brosnan Lahiri?" Kaling said.

Can't wait to hear what Danny thinks about that.

As for giving birth, Kaling said it won't happen this season. She said, "Fingers crossed we get a next season."

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