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Hope you have on your stretchiest pants 'cause we're about to fill you up with some juicy scoop.

Still reeling from that shocker on The Walking Dead? You're not alone, but fortunately, we have your back...and a tease about what's ahead from the show's boss! Plus, we have details on Glee's emotional finale, The Vampire Diaries' hot new couple and Empire's epic new guest stars. Oh, and spoilers on Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, New GirlThe 100 and more!

Larissa: I'm still not over the last Walking Dead episode, but thanks for trying to shed some lightWhat's coming up next?
According to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, "They need a goal. And as Michonnne said, they need to find a place to rebuild a community. And what a journey that's been for her, the one character who was most a loner of all the people other than maybe Bob to now say, ‘We've got to find a place that we can settle down and stop just being on the road.'" 

The CW

_DEreal Feb 2 I'll take any scoop on Delena and Steroline #SpoilerChat #TVD
Get ready to have your minds BLOWN, thanks to Ian Somerhalder's directing debut! "Ian directed some really cool stuff," Kat Graham says. "We're doing some stuff that, honestly, in the last six years we've never done on this show—at least I've never been a part of it. So, I'm super excited to show some for the really cool visuals to happen during the show."

‏Chasi23 will April and Jackson get through their baby heartbreak #spoilerchat #GreysAnatomy #Japril
We can't spoil the entire storyline for you! That would be no fun. But when we spoke with Jerrika Hinton, aka Jackson's ex Stephanie who delivered the crushing news to the new parents about their baby, she couldn't wait to see the story unfold. "I'm excited for the debate that the Japril baby's fate is going to bring up," Hinton says. "It's a smart thing that the writers have done and I'm excited to see what people think of it. It's a real life decision that people have to wrestle with, and this is something Shonda [Rhimes] does all the time, reflecting real life issues on screen."

Matt: Glee scoop, please!
Start preparing yourselves, Gleeks, because the finale is coming a lot sooner than you think! We were just on the set for the final Sectionals of Glee ever, and in between shedding a few tears as we said goodbye to the glittery chandeliers, bright flashing lights and colorful costumes—as well as some of the most intricate and complicated choreography we've ever seen on the Fox show before!—we also got some scoop on the finale! While Sectionals takes place in the penultimate episode, the series finale is going to be mainly slower ballads and solos as each character gets their final chance to shine in the spotlight for a much more emotional and powerful episode rather than big budget performances. Our advice? Stock up on Kleenex…now.


Kelly: I need Jack and Emily to get together on Revenge! Please give me some hope.
Oh, so you're not a fan of Ben? Too bad ‘cause he's not going anywhere. Fans will eventually meet his older brother Kevin, who comes to town to help his little brother celebrate a big career achievement. Hm…could someone finally be getting the promotion to detective he's been waiting for all season?

Jeaneen: Sure, I'm worried about Olivia on Scandal but I need some scoop on my main man Huck!
Don't worry, we'll see more of his family…eventually! "All I know is Kim is not dead yet and that's the only thing I can share," guest star Jasika Nicole teases. "There's some pretty exciting stuff that happens with her in the second half of the season."


Matt: Got any Agent Carter spoilers?
Bridget Regan is currently pulling double-duty as the villainous Sin Rostro on Jane the Virgin, but that didn't stop this Black Widow from delivering a kickass performance all season long on ABC's Marvel series. "I'm very excited for the finale," Regan says. "There's a great fight sequence with me and Hayley [Atwell] where Peggy and Dottie go head to head. I'm pretty proud of that whole sequence. It was a lot of fun. It was epic. It was a big, big day."

Michael: So excited to see Jennifer Hudson and Rita Ora on Empire! But please tell me they will be interacting with Cookie?!
Worry not, as you can expect to see Cookie share some scenes with Jennifer Hudson when the Oscar winner stops by the Fox hit, with Taraji P. Henson telling us, "I'm so excited!" Unfortunately, Cookie will not cross paths with Mary J. Blige during her guest appearance as she only appears in flashbacks. "They're trying to keep us separated!" Henson says of not working with her real-life bestie.


Beth: Please tell me you have something on New Girl!
Valentine's Day is almost here, and the New Girl gang is celebrating in a very New Girl kind of way. "Nick forces everyone to go on a bar crawl!" Zooey Deschanel says. "He is going through a breakup and just needs that, so he guilts everyone into joining him on this bar crawl for Valentine's Day even though it's not exactly what they all want to do, since some of them would rather be going out with their significant others. It's a pretty big episode where they go to all these different bars and there's a lot of silly stuff that happens because of that." And while we can't get enough of scenes where the whole gang is together and very, very drunk, Deschanel revealed she actually likes the quieter, more sober moments on the show. "I actually like it when they're separate! Just because it's way easier to shoot," she says with a laugh. "But I do like it when they're separate and then they all come together at the end of the episode, like the pilot episode is a good example of that."

Lily: Any New Girl scoop?
Get ready for the return of not one but two of Jess's exes! Both Josh Gad and Justin Long are set to return in an upcoming episode of the Fox comedy. "Josh is awesome! He's just so, so funny," Zooey Deschanel says. "And we also have Justin Long coming back as Paul Genzlinger in that same episode. That's a terrific episode." So how do these two blasts from the past return to Jess's present? "Jess and Cece get blowouts and they get so cocky about it so they decide to go out and show off their hair," Deschanel explains. "They get invited to a party at Bear Claw's [Gad] apartment and they wake up the next morning in his apartment, they're crazy hungover, and Jess accidentally leaves her purse there. Their cell phones are dead, their car's been towed, and they have to walk of shame home. They end up running into Paul on their way and it's just hilarious. I think it's one of our best scripts yet."

Sven Frenzel/The CW

OlsaKim: Why is Conde allowed to stay at the Castle? #Reign
Um, because he's close with the Queen?! While Mary will finally confront her feelings for Conde in this week's episode, don't expect to see any resolution within the love triangle. "It doesn't end. [Conde and Mary] have been through an incredible amount together and that can't just be thrown away," Sean Teale tells us. "And it won't be. He's too loyal. And they're too good a pair of friends, if we were to put it that way. There's more to come."

Carly: Please give me an update on the elite squad of detectives known as the Special Victims Unit. Thanks!
We're going to see some more of Detective Carisi and learn where he comes from. "There's an episode coming up where we get into my family backstory," Peter Scanavino tells us. "…I think he's coming from a really interesting place. He is new and doesn't have the experience all the other detectives have and I think in general, most of the other detectives come from some kind of family where there's a problem: There's an abusive father, there's a sister, there's whatever. And I think kind of the interesting thing about Carisi is he comes from a family that's very close-knit and very tight…I've got sister and I love them, it's a tight family." A family that's not totally screwed up?! It's a first for Law & Order: SVU. But something tells us there may be a secret or two lying in wait…it is SVU after all.

Carole Segal /The CW

Isbabellag08: anything on #the100 please?
Calling all fans of "Rick" or "Waven," Wick is coming back! Huzzah! "I'll say you're guaranteed something along Wick, but you have to say tuned to see what that is," Lindsey Morgan hedges. (He's back in episode 14!) As for who she wants to see Raven interact with soon, Morgan says, "I really personally love Indra's character. I think she's just a bad girl, so I would love them working together. I love Lexa, too, she reminds me of our Khaleesi basically. I think she's so cool." 

Tess: Got anything on Jane the Virgin?
You know how there was tiny little, itty bitty reveal recently that Sin Rostro is none other than Rose (Bridget Regan)? Even though she might be a criminal mastermind hiding in plain sight, her feelings for Luisa are 100% genuine…and we'll get to see how their ilicit relationship began in the first place! "In ‘Chapter 14,' there's a really great flashback sequence to how Rose met Luisa and it was so cool," Regan says. "I can't say much about it but I will say that Yara and I know each other very well now [laughs]!"

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