19 Life Situations It's Necessary to Use Prince's Grammys Side Eye GIF

Now that the icon's reaction to the crowd has become an Internet sensation, we have a list of times you should definitely use it

By Jenna Mullins Feb 09, 2015 6:41 PMTags
Prince, Grammy AwardsJohn Shearer/Invision/AP

When Prince came onstage, the crowd went nuts and leapt to their feet. An actual sex god deigned to grace the Grammys with his presence and people were excited.

Prince? He wasn't here for that. Or anyone. Or for anything, really. He just gave everyone a little side eye smirk combo as if to say: "Yes, I'm here. I'm not too happy about it, but I'm here." It basically summed up how we all felt about what was a pretty boring Grammys show.


Now that Prince has entered the vortex of Internet reaction GIFs, we have a starter list of life situations you can use Prince's sassy judging look, so keep this guide handy.

1. When someone says they don't "get" Benedict Cumberbatch.

Oh, you don't get handsome, charming and talented? That's strange.

2. When someone tells you they don't own a television.

Then what is all your furniture pointed at?

3. When someone calls you out for using a Facebook/Tinder/Match profile photo that's from five years ago.

Oh, sorry. That was the only picture of ourselves before we discovered Nutella!

4. When the person making your burrito at Chipotle asks if you know that guacamole is extra.

Yes. Always yes.

5. When Netflix pulls your favorite binge-watching series off its list which means you're in danger of actually leaving the house this weekend.

Ugh, no more Doctor Who = human contact.

6. When Beyoncé doesn't win Album of the Year.

Some people thought that was a pop culture crime on par with The Lego Movie being snubbed by the Oscars.

7. When someone judges your High School Musical Pandora station.

Wow, we thought we were all in this together.

8. When your bae thinks you both should "get out of the house and be social."

That sounds awful.

9. When you use the term "bae," but you're still not quite sure what it means.

(Googles "What does bae mean?")

10. When someone says Kristen Wiig ruined Sia's Grammys performance.

If by "ruined," you mean "made better," then obviously.

11. When someone tells you the Left Shark is better than the Right Shark.


12. When someone says they are "literally starving."

Really? Because you look like a well-fed human. Did you just mean that you are hungry and ready to eat lunch? Ease up on the hyperboles.

13. When someone tells you that there is such a thing as too much Trader Joe's Cookie Butter.

No such thing. Never.

14. When the youth of America have to ask who Beck is. Or who Paul McCartney is. Or who Missy Elliot is.

Educate yourselves, heathens!

15. When you get an e-vite about a Singles Awareness Day party.

Especially if the main event is something called a "Tinder Tournament."

16. When someone on House Hunters dismisses a house because of the paint color.

Do they think it's load-bearing paint?!

17. When a young'un tries to tell you Frozen is the best Disney movie of all time, or at least better than the movies from the '90s.

Sorry, perhaps you've never seen Aladdin. Or The Little Mermaid. Or Beauty and the Beast.

18. When you actually kind of believe your friend's conspiracy theory that Sam Smith and Adele might be the same person.

Well, have you ever seen them both in the same place at the same time?!

19. When someone asks you to please stop posting/sending GIFs.


Double shade GIF! BOOM. Sassy Kate Middleton and Sassy Prince do not have time for GIF-haters.

Bless you, Prince.