Joel McHale


Joel McHale has welcomed many big name guest stars to his E! show The Soup, but there's one celebrity he'd give anything to have on the show.

Taylor Swift

But not for any personal's all about the pop star's Twitter following!

"I'd want whoever has the most Twitter followers!" McHale tells E! News. "Who would that be, Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift, just out of sheer media power. She would tweet that to like, 100 million followers! So that tweet would reach 100 million people and it would probably increase ratings. It sounds pretty Machiavellian and cold, but damn it I have to get the word out there and she would really help!"

And after the "Blank Space" singer, the Community star has a whole list of guest stars he'd like to show up on The Soup...for those same social media reasons, of course.

"Maybe Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Justin Bieber would all come on, too!" McHale says with a laugh. "The cast of the Hunger Games wouldn't hurt, either."

But what McHale is most excited about right now is his new charitable partnership with Fitbit and Feeding America.

"Fitbit came to me back in the beginning of December, they took me out for drinks and got me really drunk," McHale deadpans. "No! I joke. We had smoothies and our systems were very regular."

But he then added seriously, "Fitbit came to me and we started talking about New Year's Resolutions and people giving up on those later on. They wanted me to do a commercial for something about that, and we decided to do a parody of their very popular and very energetic commercial. It's very well shot, and the one I did was opposite. It's like, fit drinking, fit laying around doing nothing."

Check out his parody commercial above now!

"I'm thrilled about this," McHale says. "It's the easiest charity to contribute to, which works out perfectly for me because I am about as scatterbrained as they come. You wear your Fitbit, you go online and you sign up for it on the Fitbit website, and for every calorie you burn, it tracks it on your phone and every calorie goes to buying meals for America's hungry. If we burn a billion calories, that's like 1.4 million meals to America's hungry."

He continues, "You don't have to dress up, you don't have to go to an event, you don't have to write a check, you don't have to do anything! You just have to wear your Fitbit and sign up, and that's it."

McHale freely admits that he loves this partnership "just for the sheer convenience of it."

"I like how easy it is and how they're doing it," McHale says. "It's really cool and it is truly helping people. Plus, you'll be burning calories! I've already burned about 150 calories during this interview and I'm contributing. I'm doing good! You should do it. If you're not doing it, you should feel guilty."

To sign up,  go to Anyone who doesn't already own a Fitbit device will be given the option to purchase one during the sign-up process.

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