Ian Ziering Believes a Beverly Hills, 90210 Reunion Is "Entirely Possible," Reveals His Idea That Was Shot Down

Former Celebrity Apprentice contestant also reveals the co-star he just had breakfast with

By Mike Vulpo Feb 05, 2015 2:49 AMTags

If you're upset a Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion hasn't happened after all these years, Ian Ziering is not the guy to blame.

In fact, the 50-year-old actor had a pretty impressive idea years ago that would bring the cast together.

"I tried to produce [a reunion show] a couple years back. I was going to have dinner at Ian's where I was going to invite the whole gang over," he shared on Tuesday's HuffPost Live. "Of course, this was landscaped, not scripted. There would be cameras all over the place, and we would just talk about specific moments around the dinner table."

Sounds like a genius idea! So what's the problem?

The CW

"I couldn't get any of the networks to buy it," he admitted. "You know, maybe I should put a little Kickstarter [GoFundMe] thing together and make it happen. Let's see if we can make it happen."

We appreciate the positive attitude, Ian (or should we call you Steve Sanders?). But the fact that you pitched it to air on 09-02-10 just melts our hearts even more.

For the diehard fans still patiently waiting, there is still a lot of hope.       

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Despite all those reports that the cast has friction and tell-all books have caused friction, Ziering doesn't think we should believe it.

"There's always drama amongst brothers and sisters," he admitted. "It's more like that than it is really adversarial. We're like a family."

So much so that the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant had breakfast with Luke Perry "the other day" and talks to Jason Priestley often. "I think it's entirely possible. We're all still really good friends," he proclaimed. "We have reunions all the time."

As some would like to say, high school sometimes never ends.