Bobbi Kristina's Cousin Says She Was ''Excited'' About Her Music Career: ''She Was Ecstatic About Her New Journey''

"She was excited about what was about to take place. We all were excited," Jerod Brown exclusively tells E! News

By Ken Baker, Bruna Nessif Feb 05, 2015 1:15 AMTags
Watch: Bobbi Kristina Was Getting Ready to Record a Single

Bobbi Kristina Brown may have been dealing with some major family drama prior to being hospitalized, but the young star was also about to embark on an "exciting" new journey.

The 21-year-old's cousin Jerod Brown talked to E! News exclusively about his ailing loved one, revealing that he had spent the last six months working closely with Bobbi to help bring her music out into the world.

"She's excited. She was real focused. She was ecstatic about her new journey that was embarking on," Brown tells us via Skype. "You could see it on Instagram when she commented on it with the fans as well. She was ready to do this and let the world see what she was working on."

Brown also explains that her excitement was just as strong during their last conversation, which just so happened to be the day before she was discovered unconscious in her bathtub.

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"I'm gonna keep that [conversation] confidential. However, I was on my way to Atlanta at the time to start recording on her project. She was excited for me to come down and get this thing on the ball," he tells E! News.

"She had her eyes on certain people around her, but she was excited about what was about to take place. We all were excited."

Brown adds that Bobbi's first single is called "Guilty of a Love Song," and says, "It's about spreading love. That record was going to touch the world. To her it was a very personal song of what her love life was about."

Bobbi Kristina remains in a comatose state at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and is "still fighting," according to Brown. "[Doctors] said she has been opening her eyes and it's not a good thing or a bad thing," he continues.

"However, I started a campaign called #PrayForBK. I've been reading a couple of the messages on Instagram and Twitter and some of the messages are real touching. A lot of people are sharing their own stories.  Right now I'm just trying to keep my spirits up by continuing to pray for her."

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Brown would not disclose whether or not Nick Gordon has visited the hospital, but reassures that "family is around her."

"Let the detectives do their jobs," Brown says. "We all want to know what happened right now. We'd like to know what's going on. The only thing that we are clear of is that we can pray and that our prayers can send out a miracle and that we can all embrace her coming out of this situation."

He adds, "Bobby [Brown] is watching his daughter fight. He needs the world behind him."

You can send your well wishes for Bobbi Kristina on social media with the hashtag #PrayForBK.

For more on our interview with Jerod Brown, tune in to E! News tomorrow at 7 & 11 p.m.

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