Rob Gronkowski


"Lauren M., will you accept this rose?"

"Yes I will, Gronk. Yes, I will."

Doesn't that just sound right?! New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski should definitely be considered for the next or any future season of The Bachelor. And guess what, ABC? We've already written the tagline for you. You are welcome:

"He's been looking for love in all the Gronk places."

He'd be perfect! If you don't agree with us, just take a look at the evidence.

1. Well, let's just get the obvious reason out of the way. He's very attractive:

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

2. To add to that point, this is what he looks like (almost naked):

Rob Gronkowski, Naked Athletes, ESPN

Peggy Sirota/ESPN

3. But he also has a soft side, which girls love to see in their hard-bodied athletes:

Rob Gronkowski, ESPN Magazine, Kitten

Martin Schoeller for ESPN The Magazine

4. He can dance. Well, at the very least he has his own form of Gronk dancing:

5. He's very bro-ish, which we think would be a nice change of pace for The Bachelor. How many of the former Bachelors have shotgunned beer on the show?

6. We already know he looks good holding roses, even if he does spike them afterward:

Rob Gronkowski


7. He's already used to the spotlight:

Marcus Cannon, Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

8. Women are definitely ready to marry him, so ABC would have plenty of applicants:

9. He's got a good heart and loves to give back to his community:

Stevan Ridley, Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Darren McCollester/Getty Images for BCH

10. He wears a suit with swagger, which we think is an important trait in our Bachelors.

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

11. He doesn't panic around women in beautiful dresses. In fact, he might even break dance around them:

Dan Gronkowski, Gordie Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski, Glenn Gronkowski, Patriots

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

12. He's well read. Or whatever you want to call this:

13. He's just a big ol' goofball. Look at him in this damn Minion hat! How great would it be to see him trying to find love on television?

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

And hey, if he says no, there's always Julian Edelman to consider:

Julian Edelman


He's also super foxy. And he can hit on a huge crowd of people in one second:

Julian Edelman, Patriots

Scott Eisen/Getty Image

No, no Julian. You had us at hello.

Anyway, get it trending: #GronkforBachelor

Or at the very least: #GronkforDancingWiththeStars

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