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Holly Madison is reportedly suing multiple people, claiming that she was secretly filmed in her dressing room for her show 1923 Bourbon and Burlesque by Holly Madison in Las Vegas.

The former reality star alleges that Mandalay Bay managers watched secret, intimate recordings of her and other women that showed them changing costumes and being naked, according to court documents obtained by E! News. The images allegedly were recorded over five months.

Madison claims she became aware of the alleged filming when two other performers noticed the camera feed and complained. After word of the camera spread among the showgirls, the manager allegedly claimed they were "not a big deal."

E! News reached out to a rep for Madison but the rep declined to comment.

But Madison's attorney, Eva Garcia-Mendoza, tells E! News, "It's a crime. Not only Holly has been damaged—but four of the dancers that I field a suit for separately. They are going through some serious emotional distress right now. Who might have seen them? What they might have done when changing clothes? It was very personal."

Holly Madison, Halloween

Courtesy: Danny Mahoney/XS Nightclub

She added: "They were changing clothes during a routine—wiping down their body and other things and never expecting they were under the eye of a camera. And for the defendants to come in and say, 'Well, when we found out we rectified'…they were looking it every day for four or five months. They only rectified it when someone complained...It probably still would have been rolling."

A lawyer for the venue, Jared Kahn, told Fox411 that there never was a hidden camera in Madison's dressing room. He claims that Madison and the other performers chose to change in a public area that was always under surveillance.

"Once management learned of the camera it was re-positioned to monitor a smaller area," he said. "The performers elected to change costumes in the public corridor when they really could have dressed in the private area that was available to them."

Kahn also added that it's "not true" that any management viewed the alleged tapes.

The Girls Next Door star began appearing in Mandalay Bay's burlesque show last April, but by the end of the summer she was no longer part of the act. The show has a four-piece band and a vocalist. The club asserts that Madison's relationship with the club soured after it questioned the quality of her performance.

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