Spice Girls Copy Britney?

By Jennifer Cady Nov 19, 2007 8:18 PMTags
Spice GirlsAP Photo/ Matt Sayles

Just when we were going to suggest Britney learn a thing or two from the Spice Girls about how to make a comeback, Perez Hilton brought something very suspicious to our attention.

Apparently, the girls are taking their cues from Britney (pre-K-Fed, babies and baldness, thank God). The cute sparkly numbers Ginger and Baby Spice wore to the Victoria's Secret fashion show have both graced the rockin' bod Brit once had years ago. How weird is that?

And suddenly, Posh's bizarro dress (can we even call it a dress?) doesn't seem so bad.

However, there is still a thing or two Britney could learn from the Spice Girls, such as lip-synching...on this, they are the masters: