Would Lance Bass Rather Hang Out With Beyoncé and Jay Z or Kim and Kanye? Find Out What He and Husband Michael Turchin Confess!

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin dish on life as a happy couple!

By Carrie Dilluvio Feb 03, 2015 7:51 PMTags

Only two days until Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding special and we can hardly wait! 

In celebration of their amazing wedding ceremony, we recently spoke to Lance Bass and Michael Turchin about their life as newlyweds with a round of timely and fun questions! We guarantee you will be surprised by some of their answers... 

New York or Hawaii? 

Lance: "I'd have to say Hawaii for sure. It meets every expectation I could ever want and one of my best friends just moved out to Maui!"

Michael: "New York. Hawaii is great for like a week. I think New York is very exciting, there's so much going on." 

When in the car, who is more likely to be on, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift? 

Lance: "At this point it would be Taylor Swift because we're both kind of obsessed with her. We're highly obsessed with 1989!" 

Michael: "Until very recently, 100% Katy Perry. But now with this new album I've like really evolved into a Taylor Swift fan!"  

Netflix and pizza on the couch or go out to a movie and dinner?

Lance: "Oh my gosh. If you can get us out of our pajamas that is a feat in itself. A Netflix night on the couch is basically our date night every single night." 

Michael: "Oh, 100% Netflix. We just love sitting on that couch and ordering food and watching a movie." 

Chocolate or vanilla wedding cake?

Lance: "As boring as it sounds I'm a vanilla guy. But our wedding cake is definitely not going to be boring. Wait until you see this!"

Michael "I'm a chocolate person. Like one thousand, million percent. But usually with cake I go for vanilla." 

Instagram or Twitter?

Lance: "I'm an Instagrammer." 

Michael: "Oh, Instagram. Like one billion percent."

Beyoncé and Jay Z or Kim and Kanye?  

Lance: "Oh my goodness! You're going to get me in trouble. But if I'm going to pick a couple to you know, shoot the s--t with or go to their concert, it's going to be Jay Z and Beyoncé." 

Michael: "I feel a conflict with this, due to personal reasons, but, I would have to say Beyoncé and Jay Z because I am like the biggest Beyoncé fan ever."

There you have it! Watch the happy couple's over-the-top, drama-filled, star-studded wedding special this Thursday!

Tune in to the Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding special this Thursday, February 5 at 8/7c only on E!