Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon Photobomb Unsuspecting Football Fans—Watch Now!

Actors rooted for different teams in Super Bowl XLIX, but they were happy to team up with each other and the Tonight Show host for some hilarious pics

By Rebecca Macatee Feb 03, 2015 2:36 PMTags

Chris Pratt might've lost his Super Bowl XLIX bet to Chris Evans, but Star-Lord and Captain America both won when it came to photobombing these unsuspecting football fans!

The rival superheroes teamed up with Jimmy Fallon on the NBC Super Bowl red carpet in Phoenix this weekend, and on Monday's Tonight Show, we got to see the highlight reel of their hilarious photobombs!

The fellas had some serious fun cheesing up people's pics—doing everything from a "triple piggyback" to "getting lei'd!" After completing the "triple hoagie," Pratt asked, "Is it crazy to just have that [the hoagie] coming out of my fly?"


Fallon and Evans assured him this was a great idea, and the Jurassic World star proceeded to photobomb more fans with the hoagie hanging out of his pants. At one point, a certain late-night host gamely grabbed the hoagie out from between Pratt's legs and took a bite!

Evans leapt over top of Pratt's shoulders (which could perhaps be considered flying), and there was no shortage of laughs as all three guys struck a series of funny poses for the cameras.

When fans caught the photobombers in action, the reactions were quite comical. "It's Jimmy Fallon," exclaimed one man, "and Captain America!"

See Evans, Pratt and Fallon in all their photobombing glory in the clip above.

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