Jenny McCarthy's Reasons for Taking Donnie Wahlberg's Last Name May Shock You—Watch Now!

Sirius XM radio host and her husband talk life as newlyweds before the Super Bowl

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If you can't tell from all their sweet kisses, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are madly in love! 

But more than five months after getting married, the SiriusXM radio host still hasn't taken her man's last name. So, what's the hold up?!

"We have discussed it and I am ready to be Jenny Wahlberg," she told E! News before supporting the New England Patriots during Super Bowl weekend. "I just haven't been through the paperwork."

She added, "We work seven days a week and it's not as easy as I thought. You don't just go to the DMV and take a new picture. There is a lot to be done." 

Watch: Why Jenny McCarthy Hasn't Taken Wahlberg's Last Name

It also helps that your man is totally chill with waiting throughout the process.

"It should be Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and professionally, Jenny McCarthy," the New Kids on the Block member explained to E! News. "She worked her ass off for so many years to be in the position she's in her career that there's no reason to put my name on the back of that."

What a guy! Besides, the pair agrees that what is most important is if it's indeed on the paperwork.

What could be most surprising to McCarthy fans is that the TV personality really wanted to keep her last name years ago. Today, she's not about that life. 

"I remember way back when I was Miss Independent. I would never take anybody's name and as I get older, I want to be the girl," she explained. "I'm so tired of being that strong, independent woman."

She added while laughing, "I want to be dependent and a girl and a wife and domesticated. I crave it after being alone for so long. I want to be Mrs. Wahlberg."

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