Wackiest Looks Ever at the Grammy Awards—Machine Gun Gowns, Barely-There Dresses & More!

There are no words

By Lindsey Sirera Feb 03, 2015 4:00 PMTags
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In a word…. No. There are no words to adequately describe this array of risqué Grammy Awards outfits.

Come on, Christina Aguilera—it may have been 2001, but there's no excuse for those wacky dreads and that bikini cover-up dress. And why did Nicki Minaj choose the 2012 Grammy Awards to channel her inner Red Riding Hood in a voluminous Versace cape? We will never understand.

Sasha Gradiva geared up for the Grammys quite literally in 2012, wearing a machine gun-esque arm piece with her petal pink gown. However, Sasha's armed ensemble is nothing compared to Foxy Brown's sexy pajama party look. And it only gets worse from here, people.

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Mary J. Blige took it upon herself to personally brighten up the 2004 Grammys in a lemony fur and sequins look, and Margaret Cho took 'peacocking' to a new extreme in an ultra-sheer design the same year. From peacocks to ponds, Imogen Heap piled on lily pads and a frog on her 2007 ensemble. And last but certainly not least, Lil' Kim gave an unforgettable red carpet appearance in a sparkly tights and leotard getup. Yikes; there are just some awful outfits that can't be unseen!  

Don't think that's the end of it—check out the photos below for all of the worst dressed Grammys looks ever!