Say what you will about Americans, but we have a lot of pride for our own country.

But then you also have to say that some Americans hate when stuff associated with the country we love so much is combined with non-American stuff. And that is why some people on Twitter are very angry at Jeep. 

Jeep's beautiful Super Bowl ad featured the patriotic folk hit "This Land Is Our Land," and at first the footage that played during the song was American scenery, like our beaches and our forests. It was glorious. And then we started seeing gorgeous imagery from around the world, like the Great Wall of China and Brazil's Christ the Redeemer, still while the song played.

The tagline? "The World Is a Gift. Play Responsibly."

It's an important message and it was a lovely commercial about taking care of our earth, unless of course you thought Jeep crossed the line for using a song originally about America to tell a tale about the entire world. And these folks certainly thought that, and they were pissed:

The backlash is very similar to the reaction Coke got after airing its "America the Beautiful" commercial which featured children singing that song in many different languages.

What did you guys think of Jeep's Super Bowl commercial featuring "This Land Is Our Land?" Do you think the outrage is warranted or that the message is more important?

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