Shia LeBoeuf

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What's better than good girls gone bad? Good boys gone bad!

Shia LaBeouf was arrested this weekend for refusing to leave a Chicago hot spot. That is, if you consider Walgreens a hot spot. (Which suddenly makes us feel much closer to the actor, because it’s official: He’s more than a tea-drinking, eloquent thespian. He gets crazy!)

So, we cracked into the annals of wacky celebrity arrests. The wacky isn't just a DUI or a boring probation violation—it involves something unexpected, like Walgreens or, you know, bongos. Without further ado, we would like to introduce Shia to his fellow comrades in kookiness:

  • Edward Furlong: An obviously sober Eddie walked into a grocery store and liberated some lobsters. No drugs involved. None whatsoever. Uh-huh. When police arrived, Furlong started to “turn around in circles.” Again, no drugs involved.

  • Winona Ryder: In retrospect, the whole shoplifting at Saks arrest (later reduced to a misdemeanor) seems like a preconceived scam to necessitate the trendy Free Winona T-shirts that popped up on Kitson shelves nanoseconds after her arrest.

  • Matthew McConaughey: What woman didn't wish she had gone to the Police Academy the day cops busted in on McConaughey and discovered him naked and playing the bongos. (He paid a fine and the charges were dropped.) It’s the stuff Skinemax dreams are made of, except the leading men never look quite as good as Matty.

  • Natasha Lyonne: The American Pie actress was accused of molesting her neighbor’s dog (though charges were expected to be dropped if she behaved). Suddenly, hanging around at Walgreens seems extremely tame.


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