Stacey Dash Outrages With Remarks on Campus Rape: ''Bad Girls...Who Like to Be Naughty Might Go Out and Play and Get Hurt''

Fox News' Outnumbered, which counts the Clueless star as a co-host, was tackling UVA's ban on sorority girls attending frat parties this weekend

By Natalie Finn Jan 30, 2015 10:54 PMTags
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Clueless Part 2? Or...?

Actress turned Fox News contributor Stacey Dash drew a fair amount of Internet outrage today when, while discussing the University of Virginia's decision to order sorority members to not attend fraternity parties this weekend, she pretty much got it all wrong.

"Ridiculous," Dash called the ban during today's episode of Outnumbered, where the overall discussion was about whether or not UVA was going too far, Big Brother-style, by telling students where they can and can't party this weekend. "And I think the girls, I think it's a good thing, for the good girls, to you know..."

"Women, they're over 18," interjected co-host Melissa Francis.

"Women, sorry, not to be told, ‘stay home, be safe,'" Dash continued. "The other bad girls—bad women—or the ones who like to be naughty might go out and play and and get hurt.

"But the other thing about this is," she then said, "it then blames the alcohol instead of the person who overdrinks, so you know, it's like, the same thing with guns. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Alcohol doesn't get you drunk, you get yourself drunk."

We didn't even have two moca-chinos today, yet we still feel like ralphing.

And then Andrea Tantaros chimed in, adding, "I would just like someone to tell me the rules: Are women strong enough to take care of themselves or are they not strong enough to take care of themselves, because we're getting so many mixed messages, right? and I do feel for some of these fraternity guys, because you look at UVA, none of them have been convicted of anything."

"Or charged," Francis noted.

"They step foot on college," Tantaros continued, "and they are immediately considered to be guilty. I mean, girls are given rape whistles and boys aren't allowed at frat parties. Either women can handle liquor and make responsible choices, or they can't and they're a bunch of babies who need to be kept away from liquor and boys."

Cue the tweets as "Stacey Dash" became a trending topic: