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Let's face it, Parenthood's series finale was absolute perfection. So perfect, in fact, that even epic scenes had to be trimmed!

Four major moments that were trimmed from Parenthood's series finale have been revealed, with two of them involving Amber (Mae Whitman)! On Twitter, Parenthood executive producer Sarah Watson revealed the show originally intended to show more of surprise guest star Scott Porter, as the Friday Night Lights star was revealed to be Amber's husband in the flash-forward at the end of the episode.

"Yep. Amber's future husband is Scott Porter," she captioned an adorable photo of Whitman and Porter in a ball pit together. "Sadly we had to cut their "meet cute" for time. #parenthood."

Yes, their meet cute happened in a ball pit. Let the countdown for the series DVD box set begin so we can get our hands on that deleted scene!

The other Amber scene that ended up on the cutting room floor? The return of Seth, her and Drew's father and Sarah's (Lauren Graham) ex-husband, played by John Corbett

"I got a bad call from Jason Katims two nights ago—they had to cut my great scene," Corbett told TV Line. "They flew me all the way from New York to do a scene with Lauren [Graham], and God, it was such a good scene. I got to see [Amber's] baby...and they had to cut it for time. I was super bummed." And now, you can watch his finale appearance as NBC released the clip of the first meeting of Seth and little Zeek!

It's not surprising that Amber was given so much screen time in the series finale, as creator Jason Katims told us, "Amber was such an important character and so endearing to the audience, it's about where she's heading, where she's winding up."

And there is always a possibility we could see Seth or more of Amber's future husband (Let's just call him Jason Street?!) as Katims is totally open to the idea of reunion sometime in the near future. "I love the idea of doing a reunion movie like Boyhood, where every year, everybody commits a week to doing this project.," he said. "Maybe it's not that crazy to think that we could pull something like that off."

Want to see even more deleted scenes? Watch two below, including Ruby helping Hank get ready for his wedding, and the Bravermans roasting Sarah before the big day:

Would you have liked to see Seth return in the finale? What about Amber's meet cute with her husband? Sound off in the comments!

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