Braless Gina Rodriguez Flaunts Sexy Curves for Latina, Confirms, "This Body Type Does Well in the Real World!"

Jane The Virgin star tells mag why she refuses to conform to Hollywood pressure on what she should look like

By Rebecca Macatee Jan 30, 2015 3:30 PMTags
Gina RodriguezGregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Hello there, Gina Rodriguez!

The Jane The Virgin star ditched her bra and her shirt for the March 2015 issue of Latina, posing sexily on the mag's cover wearing only chic chevron blazer. The 30-year-old Golden Globe winner also chatted candidly with The Real's Adrienne Bailon about body image—particularly for a woman in Hollywood—and why she's refused to conform to anyone else's standards.

"It really all does stem from the self," she said, "and when you have not accepted who you are when the images tell you that you're not skinny enough or pretty enough, you believe it to a point of like 'If I change, then I'll be able to get this', 'If I just lose this, then I can get something.'  And I just refused for that to be the reality because I will be the lead, because I fall in love in real life all the time, [because] this body type does real well in the real world!"

It certainly does! Rodriguez, who showed off her impressive rapping skills for, also talked about why despite her vocal talents (as demonstrated in 2012's Filly Brown), she's decided to keep her focus solely on acting. "[After Filly Brown] they wanted me to get into music," she told Latina, "but I think I'm an okay singer; I'm not very confident in singing. I can't mess with that, like I wouldn't even try to."

Hey, never say never!