Amy Poehler


Amy Poehler is most people's woman of the year, but the members of Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals are the ones who get to roast her—and get roasted right back!

The Parks and Recreation star managed to catch a flight into storm-plagued Boston (for the record, the Burlington, Mass., native was not concerned by the cold) just in time to collect her pudding pot as Hasty Pudding's 2015 Woman of the Year.

As always, the gents dressed in drag and put their special guest through her paces, one of the roasters joking, "Our Woman of the Year believes that if she collects enough Emmy nominations, she'll actually win one."

"I hope I treat this award with the respect any fake award deserves," Poehler sweetly fired back. "There are times in your career when you know you've made it, and seeing these two nervous baby faces [roast me] is truly an honor."

Amy Poehler

Sean Proctor/The Boston Globe via Getty Iages

"When I was growing up in Burlington, Harvard University was a place we threw rocks at on our way to our real jobs," Poehler told the audience, per the Boston Globe. "When I drove by and gave you the middle finger, I had no idea I'd be honored by you [one day].

Looking out over the crowd, she added, "I haven't seen this many white people since I took my top off at a mime convention."

Today's good-natured middle finger came in the form of the cap from her alma mater, Boston College, that she donned for part of the presentation.

At a press conference after the ceremony, Poehler quipped that she was "so happy to be able to roast right back. It's so fun to roast after just being roasted. everyone is so warm."

Chris Pratt was selected Man of the Year and will be treated accordingly, so long as the weather abides, on Feb. 6.

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