Yes, Please! Jason Katims Wants to Do a Parenthood Movie in the Format of Boyhood

Creator says this NBC show is more likely to come back than Friday Night Lights

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 30, 2015 2:30 AMTags
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Tonight, and very soon, NBC's Parenthood is signing off for good, and the panic is setting in, we know, for so many of you fans. 

After the series finale airs, we'll have series creator Jason Katims right here at E! Online's explaining to you exactly why he did what he did. 

But in the meantime: This most amazing glimmer of hope for the possibilty of more Parenthood

I asked Katims if he'd consider doing some kind of Parenthood reunion in the future, and he said it's definitely more likely that Friday Night Lights, and even has a pretty GENIUS idea for the format. Here's what he said:


"I totally would do a reunion. Look, I've been down this road with Friday Night Lights. We did make an effort to find a way to keep that going, and ultimately, it just wasn't going to work. But with Parenthood, I think  there is something really intriguing with it. Because I want to know where this family is in three years or five years. I want to see what Max is like in his first job. I want to see where these people are down the road. But a milion things have to come together in terms of getting all of  these people available at the same time. And what's the right context of it all."

And now the good part:

"I love the idea of doing a reunion movie like Boyhood, where every year, everybody commits a week  to doing this project. Maybe it's not that crazy to think that we could pull something like that off.  When the time comes, I'll start picking up the phone and calling these people."

If that means we have to wait 12 years for the movie, well, I'm not totally signing off on the idea. But 5 years? HELLS YEAH. Just the possibility of this makes me a little less sad.

Enjoy the Parenthoood finale tonight and read up on how to prepare for it here.