Kyle Richards is opening up once again about her blowup with Brandi Glanville which occurred on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As viewers of the show witnessed last week, Kim Richards' bizarre behavior initially sparked the rift between the two co-stars, who got into a physical altercation after Brandi tried to quietly escort Kim out of Eileen Davidson's party while Richards insisted upon speaking with her sister. 

"Well, you could see all night that Brandi was in her ear and trying to do this 'No one cares about you, no one gets you except me,'" she told E! News in an interview at her Beverly Hills boutique Kyle by Alene Too, where she also said that Brandi was "trying to drive a wedge" between her and her sister. "You know, feeding this into her ear and clearly trying to, you know, separate us." 

VIDEO: Kyle Richards says Brandi Glanville is "trying to drive a wedge" between her and her sister

Kyle Richards, Kim Richards

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In response to Kim's eyebrow-raising behavior, Kyle told her sister, who underwent a stint in rehab in 2011, that it "looks like you're drinking," although she later said that her sister has always been committed to her sobriety. 

"I have never seen my sister since she's been sober anything else but 100 percent sober—before that night and since that night, so I was very concerned," she said before adding of Glanville, "Do I think that Brandi influenced it that night? Absolutely. But is she 100 perecnt of the problem? No." 

Meanwhile, Kim took to her Bravo blog after the episode to discuss the evening's troubling events, admitting she took "pain medication" from her ex-husband Monty Brinson, who is currently living with the reality star while he battles cancer. 

"OK—now here's the back story to the whole poker night debacle. Before the poker party took place, I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks," Kim wrote. "I took the pain medication from Monty thinking it can get me through the pain I was experiencing. Little did I know, it just made me kind of out of it! But seriously, if I knew the medication was going to affect me in a negative way, I would have NEVER taken it. Careless decision on my part—lesson learned!"

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Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, RHOBH

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Sibling drama aside, Kyle wants nothing to do with Brandi after that infamous night. "I have no interest in having a friendship with Brandi whatsoever," she said. 

But what about Kim? 

"Our relationship's not great right now, but sisters do go through difficult times," she admitted before adding with a smile, "but we always come back around like most sisters do." 

For more from Kyle, watch E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

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