Kidz Bop Might Be Bringing Anal Back—Listen to the Accidentally R-Rated Tune

Well, this is awkward...

By Seija Rankin Jan 28, 2015 10:59 PMTags
Meghan Trainor, Kidz BopJohn Parra/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Well, it seems that Kidz Bop is really all about that booty.

One of the tracks off the album Kidz Bop 27 (which turns hit pop songs into kid-friendly tunes) is Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," and it got totally R-rated. Actually, make that NC-17. Listeners started freaking out because instead of singing "I'm bringing booty back" like in the original version, the impressionable young children instead croon "I'm bringing anal back."

Naturally, society took to Twitter.

Still don't believe it? Have a listen below.

Plain as day, right? It's almost as disturbing as it is funny. To think of the innocent minds that are not only listening to talk of anal play, but being forced to sing about it! If we weren't too busy laughing we'd be calling the authorities. 

Alas, as it turns out, there's no need to bring in social services. Apparently it's all a very big, very unfortunate misunderstanding. After we did some digging we discovered that the real line is "I'm bringing it all back." So, an attempt to censor the term "booty" completely backfired. Pun intended.