The Ultimate List of Guys and Girls Who Should Date WWE Diva Rosa Mendes

By Kamala Kirk Jan 30, 2015 2:08 AMTags

Rosa Mendes wants to find "The One," but even though we've watched her go on countless dates, she just hasn't found the right guy. And it certainly didn't help when fellow WWE Diva Summer Rae stole NFL player Gary Barnridge from Rosa!

But hey, you've got to kiss a few frogs to find your prince (or princess), and we know there's still plenty of hope for the Total Divas star!

We thought Rosa could use some help, so we created a list of people that would be perfect for her to date. From athletes to reality stars, there's a wide selection to choose from! And who knows? One of them could end up being her true love!

You're welcome, Rosa...

Here are the guys/girls that we think would be great for her:

Michelle Rodriguez

She's a female action star who has been known to date both men and women (her more high-profile romances include British supermodel Cara Delevingne and Hollywood hottie Zac Efron), not to mention that she's super into fitness and taking care of her body (naked yoga, anyone?)

Both Michelle and Rosa and fiery and passionate Latinas, so we think these two would have a great time together!

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Colin Kaepernick

Just because things didn't work out with the Cleveland Browns' Gary Barnridge doesn't mean that Rosa should rule out football players for good!

Colin is the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who recently signed a $121 million contract with the NFL! And unlike fellow footballer Johnny Manziel who partied hard in Vegas, Colin threw a family-friendly pool party at home. How cute!

Leonardo DiCaprio

He's been Hollywood royalty since childhood and charmed young women all over the world in his role as Jack Dawson in Titanic, but despite all his success (which includes numerous Academy Awards), good ole Leo still hasn't found The One!

He enjoys spending his free time on luxury yachts in exotic destinations and has called countless supermodels his girlfriend at one time or another, but we think that Rosa might be the perfect counterpart for this confirmed Hollywood bachelor!

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Tila Tequila

She's a wild gal who always manages to make the tabloids for her partying ways, not to mention that she's had her own MTV reality show and sex tape!

Tila is an exotic Asian beauty who shares Rosa's love for tattoos, and we get the feeling that if she and Rosa crossed paths, the attraction would be undeniable!

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He's known for his sensitive side, and chances are if you date Drake, he's bound to write a song about you.

Not only would he be more attentive and sweet, but we sense a new hit song about the WWE Diva in the near future, if this love connection were to happen...

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Hugh Grant

Many men are still boys, but Hugh has been around Hollywood for some time now and we think that his maturity and experience could really be good for Rosa.

He's been through a lot and will likely be a lot more understanding, not to mention that British accents are always so hot!

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Lindsay Lohan

She's Hollywood's notorious bad girl who has had high-profile romances with a series of guys and gals, but there's something about redheads that we can't resist!

While we can't guarantee this would be a match made in heaven, it would certainly be an intense, wild ride!

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Justin Bieber

He's been known to like older women and seems to be attracted to exotic Latinas (ahem, Selena Gomez).

From his tats and hot body to his collection of nice rides, the Biebs certainly knows how to enjoy life. Plus, it might do good for Rosa to date a slightly younger guy—it would give her the opportunity to finally be in control!


Derek Jeter

What woman can say no to a professional baseball player? Derek just retired from the sport after having one of the best careers in the league, so now he's got more time on his hands to go out and have some fun!

He's dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood, but he has yet to find that one girl that can hold his heart. Rosa, we're sensing a challenge...

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