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If you think having date night with kids is hard, try scheduling one when you have 19 boys and girls to raise.

It's a reality Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar face as they pass 30 happy years of marriage. But according to the matriarch of 19 Kids and Counting, busy couples can still make time to enjoy a bit of romance on the cheap side.

"Sometimes we'll go for a drive and just park and talk or take a walk and talk. It's so nice when it's quiet and there are no interruptions," Michelle shared in a new blog posted on TLC's website. "We really enjoy that because we're not around a lot of people then, and we can catch up with each other."

She continued, "Other times, we'll go out for a coffee or ice cream, which is my favorite weekly sweet treat, or occasionally a nice meal."

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With so many children still living at home—not to mention several grandchildren visiting—Michelle admits that plans can easily fall apart. When there's a deep connection between two people, however, you make the most of any free time available.

"It's not uncommon for our dates to get bumped around because of our busy schedules. If we've got something happening on our regular date night, Jim Bob usually will just call me up on a weekday and ask me out on a date," she explained. "It's really sweet, he'll call up and say, ‘Hey, can I come and steal you away for a date?' Then he'll surprise me and take me for lunch between his office work and my work at home."

Surprise dates? But Michelle is such a planner and organizer!

"Jim Bob is so much more spontaneous than I am," she admitted. "I've learned to just jump and go; it's so much more fun that way."

After all these years (and ice cream treats), Michelle is much more flexible with her relationship. In fact, she now views Jim Bob's attitude on date night one of his best traits.

"I had to let go of that urge to plan everything," she confessed. "And when I did, it brought such a wonderful new dimension to our marriage." Awww!

19 Kids and Counting returns Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. only on TLC. 

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