Viral Video: What Happens When You Accidentally Catcall Your Mom

And it wasn't pretty...

By Seija Rankin Jan 26, 2015 11:13 PMTags

Well, this is about as shame-inducing as it gets.

A new viral video, produced by Everlast (yep, the boxing company), shows young men in Lima, Peru getting a big surprise during a catcall session. In a segment titled "Harassing Your Mother," Everlast took a group of women and changed up their looks with makeup and wardrobe changes and then had them walk past their own sons. After the young men embarrassed themselves with offensive exclamations like "tasty panties" and "Hello, piggy," the women revealed themselves. 

As you can imagine, the resulting confrontations showed the sons backpedaling on their catcalls and the mothers giving a piece of their mind. 

Everlast put together this (possibly staged) spectacle to highlight the rampant sexual harassment in Peru—nearly seven in 10 women have been catcalled. Even if it's not the most realistic situation, it still does a great job of showing how uncomfortable a simple commute can be for Peruvian women. Here's hoping these brats learned a lesson.

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