Ryan Seacrest, Eva Longoria, Randy Jackson

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMAPress.com, Steve Granitz/WireImage.com, Rena Durham/ZUMAPress.com

Hey, Eva Lonogria...

Ryan Seacrest has enough on his plate without you keeping him up worrying all night.

Early yesterday, the British tabloids went berserk with news of a Longoria sex tape in circulation. The buzz made it across the pond and into the anxious ear of American Idol judge Randy Jackson, who called his pal (knowing that Ryan and Eva are chummy) wanting full disclosure.

"Randy Jackson calls, and he's, like, 'Dude, what up with the Eva tape?' " Seacrest said this morning on his KIIS-FM show.  And Ryan admitted even he had a moment of panic for her.

Turns out it's not exactly Eva's fault. The tape does exist—but it's really a skit from Will Ferrell's Funny or Die (the same site that brought us Will's The Landlord, starring hilarious two-year-old Pearl).

Eva's "lover" in the porn parade is crackup socialite Perry Hilton (aka Eric Olsen)...and sorry, no, but they don't really get down to business.

As for whether she and Tony have a little video hidden away in the wee corners of their bedroom closet, Eva had this for Ryan: "We've never made a tape. We're very square, boring people." 

Somehow we doubt it. But for now, the only consolation we're left with is Eva's pseudo-steamy sheets session...


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