Emma Watson, British Fashion Awards 2014

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Emma Watson just got the gig of a lifetime—at least if you ask all the Disney fans. 

The actress is going to be stepping into the role of Belle for the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast flick. And yes, she's going to be singing and dancing. In our minds, this is a total dream casting. For starters, Emma Watson's got the grace and poise needed to fill the very classy shoes of a Disney princess. And second, there's the fact that she's beloved by pretty much anyone who's ever seen one of her movies.

Watson is obviously most well-known for her years as Harry Potter's Hermione Granger, and while the two characters don't have a ton in common at first glance, Emma's HP experience is going to serve her extremely well in Beast-land. What can 10 years of playing a teenage witch fighting the greatest evil power of all time teach you about portraying a small town girl who finds herself trapped in a castle with a man-beast? As it turns out, a lot:

1. She's developed a great cry face, for all the times Belle has to be upset about her father/the Beast/how tight Gaston's shirts are.

Hermione cry face

2. She can really put a man in his place. Because someone's gotta tell the Beast when he's being a real ass. 

Hermione man in his place

3. She can handle a man's advances—hiding from Gaston when he's getting fresh is half the work of being Belle.

hermione advances

4. She's great at turning an eyeroll into a pity laugh. It'll come in handy when she watches the Beast try to eat without getting food on his face.

Hermione pity laugh

5. The girl's got moves. This is a musical, after all.

hermione dancing

6. Her snowstorm skills are on point. It's not easy to look pretty when you're freezing (except maybe when you're playing opposite a Beast). 

Hermione snow

7. She can hold her own in a fight, whether it's against wizards or torch-wielding villagers. 

Hermione fight

8. She's great at reunions, and if we know one thing, it's that Beauty and the Beast is full of hugging scenes. 

hermione reunion

9. She's used to being the smartest person in the room. Belle might be the one character who's more well-read than Hermione. 

hermione book nerd

10. Magic, duh. That always comes in handy.

hermione magic
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