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By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 27, 2015 2:00 PMTags
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Your highlight of the week is here: It's Spoiler Chat time! (What's that you say? You have more important things to look forward to than this here rundown of exclusive goodies on your favorite shows? Well FANCY YOU.)

In today's installment, we're digging deep into your questions about The Walking Dead, Glee, Empire and more. Enjoy!

Andermccarthy: anything Klaine related please
How about a few teases for Glee's next episode? 1. Klaine gets stuck in an "elevator" together for the majority of the episode. 2. We learn what Kurt and Blaine would name their celebrity child. 3. There's a reference fans of Quinn and Rachel will appreciate. 4. There are a few Rachel and Sam moments that have us convinced those two will be sharing many more scenes to come. 5. There's a super-hot kiss.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Michael: BEYOND obsessed with Empire! Give me any scoop you've got!
Watch out, Anika, another woman is going to be giving you even more to worry about when it comes to Lucious. Expect a new woman, Roxanne, a reporter tasked with profiling Lucious, to really hit it off with the Empire CEO. Sexy banter will go down and Lucious will find the audacious and stylish Roxanne hard to resist. Don't worry about Cookie though, as she will be getting a love interest of her own, with Jussie Smollett teasing, "Somebody is gonna want that Cookie!"

Rebecca: Where's Bonnie been on The Vampire Diaries? I need some scoop on my favorite character STAT!
Make sure to RSVP for the saddest birthday party ever. "Next time we see Bonnie, it's her birthday, and her friends are in the spirit of celebrating her even though she's not with them, putting together a birthday party for her," EP Julie Plec says. "And she's putting together a little thing for herself. But you get to see that sense of isolation and loneliness." So basically, it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.

Javier: Desperate for answers on HTGAWM! The mysteries are killing me!
Ask and you shall receive! "It picks up where we left off, so we have the police investigating into Sam's disappearance and the case of Lyla Stangard continues," Alfie Enoch previews of Thursday's midseason return, before adding, "And we're going to get answers this season. We're going to find out who did that, Lyla's death." 

Sarah: Brains, errr, zombie news, please! Anything on The Walking Dead?
Our hunger for scoop couldn't be contained either! We tracked down executive producer Gale Anne Hurd at the Producer Guild Awards and tried to pry as much scoop out of her as possible. When we meet up with Rick Grimes and Co. in February, "there will be a lot of action, there will be a few tears, and we'll be seeing an entirely new aspect of the world that we've seen thus far. That's something that I think the comic book fans are especially looking forward to," she tells us. As for the companion series that's still in the pilot stage, Hurd revealed they're knee-deep in filming now. "I've been on set every day," she says. "It's going great. It's another way to examine how the zombie apocalypse affects families, and we're coming at it from an entirely different direction and we're examining families in Los Angeles. So it's nice to be at home, destroying LA as we do."

Cate Cameron/The CW

OlicityFans: Anything #Arrow #Olicity please
Chew on this nugget of Felicity and Oliver goodness. "Oliver dreams about her," Stephen Amell teases. But are they good dreams or nightmares? "Maybe nightmares." Hey, you said anything!

Marissa: I love Morena Baccarin. I love Gotham. I love Morena Baccarin on Gotham. Got any scoop on this amazing pair-up?
That swoon-worthy kiss between Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Jim Gordon? That's only the start of one of our favorite TV relationships. "Obviously our relationship heats up and we partner up in many ways," Morena Baccarin says. "I think these are kindred spirits and they're excited to meet each other and be in each other's lives. They're standing against Gotham in a way. She doesn't back down from a fight and she's not fazed by much which is a breath of fresh air from what he's used to. He doesn't have to coddle her."

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Natcfc: The Mindy Project, please!!!!
A major, major guest star is coming. "We have a guest star coming up this Spring that I think is the single biggest, most exciting guest star we've ever had and I can't say who it is," Mindy Kaling teases. And the person is SO big, Kaling couldn't even offer up a hint. "No, I can't! But I'm really, really excited about it."

Liam: Wait, is Wells really Reverse Flash on The Flash?!
Like so many Facebook relationship statuses, it's complicated. "There's still a lot to be revealed and there's still a lot of twists. There's a lot else that goes into it. There's the Eddie Thawne business, and he's involved in a way that nobody's going to expect him to be involved," Grant Gustin tells us. "Even Harrison is involved with the Reverse Flash in a way that you would have never expected him to be involved. When I heard the twist, it blew my mind. Harrison is involved in a way you're not going to see coming. It's not as straightforward as Harrison is Reverse Flash. That's not what's going on."

Lizzie: Got anything on Nashville?
Hot on the heels of Rayna calling off her wedding to Luke, Luke throws a temper tantrum of epic proportions—and his temper tantrum takes him straight to Deacon's house, thinking Rayna ran into his arms immediately. Of course, she's not there since she's doing the responsible thing by breaking the news to her family, but viewers will finally get the Deacon vs. Luke showdown we've been waiting for, and the outcome. Is. Perfect.

Kelli: Is it weird to ask for scoop on a reality show? I just love Dancing with the Stars!
Not weird at all, since executive producer Rob Wade shared some teases with us about potential changes fans can expect in season 20! "We really want to bring Classical Week back," he says, adding he wants another "Disney week," too. Plus, The Switch-Up, the show's polarizing twist, "very well could be" back.

Scott: Archer scoop, please and thank you!
Well, since you asked so nicely! Are you digging Slater as much as we are on FX's hilarious comedy? Here's some good news...Archer executive producer Matt Thompson reveals Christian Slater is in so many episodes this season that he even considers Slater to be a regular cast member! Plus, things are going to get steamy in an upcoming episode. "Lana gets laid in episode 9 and it's very graphic," Thompson says. "I can't say by whom. I don't know what happened to the censor police but it's basically online porn. It's fantastic. I'm really looking forward to seeing what people think about that." And Aisha Tyler adds, "I've been begging for this for five seasons."

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