This Zeek Scene From the Parenthood Series Finale Will Make You Cry Your Eyes Out

Exclusive! After six seasons, the Bravermans sign off forever in the NBC hit's finale next Thursday

By Tierney Bricker Jan 23, 2015 6:35 PMTags

Oh, this one's going to hurt.

After six seasons, the Braverman family is leaving our lives for good when Parenthood airs its series finale on Thursday. No, we're not ready. Yes, we're emotional wrecks. 

Not helping us in our impossible mission to let go of this gem of a show? This exclusive sneak peek from the series finale, titled "May God Bless and Keep You Always," which finds Hank (Ray Romano) asking Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) for his blessing to marry Sarah (Lauren Graham).

Break out the tissues because you will cry. A lot.

Colleen Hayes/NBC

In the video above, Hank goes to Zeek to lay "all the cards" on the table, including that he probably has Asperger's, something he's not sure if Sarah's ever told her father. "If Sarah's OK with it, then I am, too," Zeek says. He then goes on to talk about how much Sarah taught him about "unconditional love" and why she deserves the absolute best in life. "I would just ask that you take care of my daughter and be there for her." 

Hank's response? It. Will. Wreck. You. In. The. Best. Possible. Way.

As for how fans will feel about the series finale, the cast expects the reaction to be mixed. Peter Krause tells E! News, "I think some people will be really satisfied and I think other people…won't be." His on-screen wife Monica Potter adds, "I think they'll have a flurry of emotions, just like we did. Honestly it's going to be…They're going to feel like Sybil. 'Cause I felt like that, too." (Yes, she means 1976 film Sybil about a woman with dissociative identity disorder.)

Parenthood's series finale airs Thursday, Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. on NBC.