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If you're in search of a foolproof method to tight abs, look no further than Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method.

Anderson, the fitness guru behind Gwyneth Paltrow's insane bikini body, has curated an easy-to-follow ab routine that comes down to four key moves. E! News caught up with the trainer, who has recently launched a global real-time workout video streaming program, to get the scoop on which moves can make for the tightest tummy.

Read on for Tracy's ab-making picks below!

Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow

1. Lower AB Leg Tuck and Split
Lay on your back with hands behind your head for support, be sure to relax your neck.  Lift the shoulders up off the floor and curve the upper back into a crunch. Remember to engage your abs and keep your stomach flat. Legs start extended straight out on the floor with feet together. Lift the right leg up by bending at the knee and tucking it into your chest then extend it out at 45 degree angle from the hips, keeping it about six inches above the floor. Repeat from the start by pulling knee in parallel to chest then out in the split, do this 30 times with the right leg then switch and do all repetitions on the left. 

2. Knee Tuck #4
Lay on your back with hands behind your head for support, keeping your neck relaxed as shoulders are held off the floor in a crunch. Pull with your lower abs to tuck both knees into your chest, remembering to initiate from the lower abs and pulling the belly button down. Then as you extend both legs, the right leg will bend at the knee, with the foot coming into the body with toes in line with the left knee, making the shape of a number 4. Lay the outer thigh on the ground as the left leg extends straight out with your heel resting on the floor. Initiate by pulling the abs in and tucking knees into your chest, then repeat the sequence. Do all repetitions with the right leg then repeat on the left side, 30 on both legs.

3. Half and Full Butterfly
Lay on your back with both legs bent and toes together with heels held off the floor, in a frog or butterfly position. With your hands behind your head, support your rested neck and hold about 45 degrees off the floor in a small crunch. Engage the abs and crunch up, lifting your shoulders a little further up, then return to your starting half crunch position and repeat with a fuller large crunch (extending your arms straight reaching toward your feet).  Repeat from the start, alternating with 30 sets of the exercise. 

4. Oblique Slide
Stand with feet a little wider then shoulder-width apart, arms straight down to sides and your hands on the your mid-thigh. With a rocking motion slide your right hand down to your knee, bending at the waist, then return to starting placement, repeat the sliding move this time reaching to your calf. Repeat these sets 30 times on the right side then switch to the left side. Best to do this series to an upbeat song and bend to the beat of the music. Remember to engage your abs by pulling your belly button back toward your spine.

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